Year: 2001

Country: USA

Genre: Anal, Oral, Fetish, Leather, Muscles, Safe Sex

Duration: 1:32:54

Directed by: Thor Stephens

Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment Inc.

Starring: Steve Cassidy, Dylan Reece, Jeff Palmer, Clint Cooper, Tiger

Description: "Palmer's Lust" features gorgeous Jeff Palmer, with tanned taut skin over a perfectly developed body, blonde-tinged hair that sweeps over his face to erase all images of the clean-cut Jeff of yore and a sexual voracity that knows no bounds , and as good as he ever was. If the film serves its star more than anything else, that's really a gripe easily forgiven as you watch Jeff command the action. There is some sort of a plot here, a tad contrived at times, which finds obsessions all over the place.

Their bliss is interrupted by a call from nefarious Steve Cassidy, who threatens to steal the movie right out from under Jeff with what starts as an incredible acting performance and later turns into a special sexual one. He's obsessed with Jeff, too, but nasty about it. Jeff refuses to see him, telling him: "You'll never have my fucking dick up your ass again." This, understandably, gets Steve really angry.

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Palmer's Lust