Year: 2008

Genre: Oral, Anal, Docking, Bareback, Hardcore, Duet, Flip-Flop, Tatoo, Uncut

Duration: 2:21:32

Directed by: Ed Hunter

Studio: Third World Media

Cast: Allan, Bruno, Erick, Rick, Sandro, Arconjo, Tony

Description: Ed Hunter, Third World Medias exclusive director, is best known for his deep fascination with transsexuals. However, with the inception of The Foreskin Frenzy, Ed "da Skin is In" Hunter, is fully out of the closet and highly in tune with the hottest gay trends and fads. Cock docking, foreskin swabbing and tongue swirling are just a start; tip nibbling, foreskin tug-a-war and cum filled skins round out what can only be described as the "Foreskin Frenzy."

Allan (Cover boy) and Bruno have been lovers for some time now. They passionately kiss as they stroke each others body. Both boys are white skinned, slim and baby faced. Allans most prominent feature is his braces, perfectly designed for nibbling on Brunos foreskin with. Allen slowly works his way down to Brunos foreskin lathen phallus, sucking his skin and toying with his pink sack. He splits Brunos foreskin in two, stuffing his tongue deep inside, thoroughly cleansing out any excess debris that may be hiding. He peels his skin cap back, grabbing it with his metal mouth ever so gently. Brunos 7 incher loves all the attention, especially when the two join forces and becoeme one as Allan docks his cock deep inside of Brunos stretchy skin. The two peniss become very friendly as they share a comfy co-existence inside each others foreskin. Bruno gets his chance to lick some skin as well, reaming out the underside of Allans shaft. Bruno lays Allan out and barebacks his bunger while stroking his ultra stiff one. He moves him into RCG before Allan busts a move on Brunos shitter; filling it from behind while playing with his dong at the same time. Bruno cant stand it anymore and strokes himself off, blowing a massive one on his own chest. Allan opts to pull out and aim his load straight into Brunos wide and very willing foreskin.

Erick and Rick meet up on the streets before heading home for their date. Rick is dark, muscular and very macho Latino, while Erick is a bit more skinny and white with tattoos. Rick has some stretchy foreskin that Erick tugs and gnaws on as he swirls his tongue around his inner skin rim. His teeth stretch Ricks dick tip to the limit, before peeling back the skin and devouring his entire banana. The two rub tips and share in the taste of each others uncut delights. Erick tackles Ricks tough asshole first, stuffing it hard and making him grunt and moan like an exotic Latin pig. Erick pulls his cock out of Ricks ass, offering him a lick of his own ass sweat off of his buddys stick. He takes the challenge and then repeats it over and over again. Erick wants his turn as well, as he hops on Ricks stiff one and rides it out in RCG, as his own stiffie sways from side to side. He follows his buddys lead, devouring Ricks stick as it freshly falls out of his own chute. They go back to fucking, before Erick dismounts and waits for Rick to offload a thick one from his ass-stinkin stiffie right on his own face. Erick jerks his own meat off as Ricks cum continues to drip from his own chin.

Sandro and Arconjo are both white dudes with some stretchy cock skin. They suck each others tits and rub each others body, before curly haired Sandro licks Arconjos stanky feet and reams out his thick foreskin with his tongue. He nibbles, sucks, stretches and plays with Arconjos skin, gauging its elasticity with every tug. Sandro eats his foreskin out and Arconjos does the same for Sandros uncut salami. They rub tips and share the feel of each others phallus, as they cock dock and stretch their skin to their limits. Sandro hops on Arconjos stiff nine incher, startin things off bareback and in RCG. Sandros ass is soft like butter, swallowing up every last bit of Arconjos anaconda. Sandros big one is stiff and ready to pop, as he pulls Arconjos cock out to take a fresh taste of his own ass. Arconjo bends Sandro over in doggie and feeds him even more cock straight from his own ass. They switch things around, as Sandro fills Arconjos ass and jerks his bird at the same time. It is not long before Sandros dong goes from Arconjos ass straight into his mouth as well. They do this somemore, before Sandro rubs one out solo and Arconjo winds up for a thick and creamy one partly in Sandros mouth and on his chest. The two kiss to share a little cum mouth together ...

Erick and Tony are two young studs who plan an exciting afternoon of foreskin play together .. They get back to the apartment where they get busy quick. Erick takes charge, sucking Tonys man boobs, while strokin and sucking on his huge foreskin flavored phallus. He licks his sack and pulls at his stretchy tip, cleaning the entire inner workings of his cock with his tongue. Erick crams a few inches of his cock into Tonys foreskin, fucking his cock like few have done before. Tony likes foreskin

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Foreskin Frenzy