Numen Contest of Heroes MULTi2-PROPHET
Release: 13/04/2012 | PC | PL/EN | Publisher: Cinemax | Developer: Cinemax | 1.59 Gb
Genre: Role-Playing

Numen however is no mere hack-and-slash game. It offers the player the possibility of tactical decision making, searching for enemies? weak spots, selection of adequate weapons. It rewards those who are able to adapt to the changing situation on the battlefield. In this the player is helped by the unique powers and abilities invested in him or her by the god he or she follows, provided that the god is happy with him or her. The Olympian gods, after all, are renowned for their wanton and unpredictable nature?

Action RPG with strong and intriguing storyline and surprising plot turns.
Detailed 3D design with state-of-the-art visual effects.
The game world based on the Greek mythology comprises of tens of locations situated on 12 islands with both exteriors and underground labyrinths.
Many extensive main story and side quests.
Select your hero?s gender, his or her specialization out of three possibilities and one of nine deities for him or her to worship.
Plenty of unique weapons, armors and items, more than 80 spells and abilities.
Arena duels, training combats and tournaments