Producer Loops Trance Elevation Vol 3 WAV MIDI


Producer Loops Trance Elevation Vol 3 WAV MIDI | 1.31GB

TranceElevation Volume 3 continues this best-selling series with an immenseset of TEN club-ready Trance Construction Kits in ACID, Apple Loops, REX& Reason Refill formats. With dry, processed, up/down filter loops& MIDI files, this versatile collection is perfect for even the mostdemanding producer. TE3 was produced by Jonathan Blakoe of StaticBlue.
Trance Elevation Volume 3 is the ultimate tool-kit forproducing professional, top level Trance tracks. Each of the 10 HUGEConstruction Kits are compatible with all sequencers and samplers on Macand PC. For intermediate and advanced users who want to assign theirfavourite hardware synth or virtual instrument sounds, MIDI data is alsoprovided.

About the Producer:
Trance ElevationVolume 3 was produced for by Jonathan Blakoe ofStatic Blue. His remixes for Armin Van Buuren, Sunny Lax, KamilPolner and Adam Szabo have earned him much respect from all of themajor players on the Trance scene.

About the Construction Kits:
Allof the elements of the Construction Kits have been broken-out intoseparate files. Each part has been isolated so you can choose whichparts you want to use in your own track. All parts are loopedperfectly, so you can simply drag and drop the desired parts into yourmusic sequencer.

Built for all level of Producers:
Thisproduct has been constructed from the ground up with usability inmind. It has been designed to appeal to beginners, intermediate andprofessional users alike. Please read on for examples of what we did toachieve this.

Dry and Processed Loops:
We have includeddry and processed (wet) versions of the loops for most parts, to giveyou ultimate flexibility when mixing these into your tracks. Beginnerswill want to use the wet versions, whereas the intermediate and advancedusers will find the dry versions and MIDI files particularly useful.

MIDI Files:
MIDIfiles have been provided for the melodic synthesizer riffs (includingleads, pads and basslines). Therefore, if you want to put these melodiesthrough your own synthesizers or plugins then no problem, simply importthe MIDI file into your sequencer and select your own synth or pluginas the output.

Up-filters, Down-filters & Flat-filters:
Formost synthesizer leads (and some pads) we have provided an up-filter, adown-filter and a flat-filter. So, you can build the huge anthem soundup to a climax, let it roll for a while, then filter it back down again.Obviously, we understand that advanced users may want to use the MIDIriffs instead, but producers of all levels can use the audio partsexactly as they are without compromise.

Unlooped Riffs for Pro Producers:
Wehave included audio riffs that include reverb and delay tails for theprofessional producers out there. These do not loop because thereverb/delay tail can be up to 2 bars in length. These have beenprovided because sometimes you want the synthesizer lead part to fadeout during a breakdown, for example.

Allof the content in Trance Elevation Volume 3 is 100% royalty-free. Oncepurchased, you can use these audio loops and MIDI files in your musicreleases, both commercial and underground, with no restrictions.

Loop Contents:
• Basslines
• Clap Loops
• Crashes
• Drum Loops
• Kick Loops
• Kick Samples
• Hat Loops
• Pad Loops
• Plucked Synth Loops
• Reverse Cymbals
• Snare Loops
• Synth Leads
• Synth Arps
• Sound Effects

• 44.1 kHz/ 24-Bit Loops & Samples
• All loops sync to BPM
• PC/Mac Compatible


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