Akvis Full Package 17 Plugins (10.04.2012)

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Akvis Full Package 17 Plugins - AKVIS Software will make of you an artist, restorer, a magician and creative person. After trying one of the programs AKVIS, no software package is not enough. When you first turn the program AKVIS, surprised simplicity of the interface, the window and 5-6 buttons when you hover over them exhaustively talk about their functions. It's simple easy and clear, and only when working with programs AKVIS, one is struck by the result obtained, and you begin to realize that all your pictures from landscape to still life with no programs AKVIS simply "dead".
In the main vehicle for the user to sit comfortably pull the lever (automatic transmission) and the ride, enjoying, it is not thinking that and how it works.

It consists of:

� AKVIS HDRFactory v 2.0.323.8121 provides images HDR (High Dynamic Range - High Dynamic Range) images of several of the same object taken with different exposures. The result of processing in the program HDRFactory will be brighter, contrast, saturation, and more colorful than your camera is much closer to what our eye sees, which is able to distinguish more detail than a camera can capture. The name of the program speaks for itself, it's a factory producing HDR-images. With AKVIS HDRFactory can get and as close to real images in high dynamic range, and stylized pictures, filled with specific colors and unique effects.

� AKVIS Magnifier v 5.5.967.8527 increase in digital images. AKVIS Magnifier - software for resizing digital pictures without quality loss. When resizing images in most programs use the most simple interpolation algorithms. To reduce the image to be enough, since the resulting image contains much less information. If you want to enlarge a photo, but still many times, be sure to run into the problem of loss of quality. Conventional algorithms can not cope with such a difficult task, and even Photoshop are powerless. With AKVIS Magnifier can not only reduce the image to put it on the Web or send to friends. Magnifier provides a magnified image of high quality from a small picture. The program provides increased shot dozens of times with no artifacts or ghosting! By changing the size of the image, Magnifier restores the border and details, struggles with jpg-artifacts. The maximum possible size of the output image using 30 thousand pixels in width / height, ie the maximum possible image will be 900 million px.

� AKVIS ArtWork v 6.0.1491.8030 imitation of artistic styles. AKVIS ArtWork - a program to simulate artistic styles. AKVIS ArtWork - the ideal solution, combining top of the art and high technology. Artificial intelligence plays the role of the artist. The transformation happens before your eyes, you see, like pictures of the real work of art is born! The program presents styles: Oil Painting, Watercolor, Cartoon, pen and ink and Linocut. With the release of new versions of the program is constantly "learns" the new styles and techniques of drawing.

� AKVIS NatureArt v 4.0.1197 touch of nature. AKVIS NatureArt - a collection of unique effects that simulate natural phenomena.
The program allows to add a photo rain, snow, lightning, sun and clouds, the body of water or fire, a sea view or a picture of the night sky. If the picture does not look interesting enough, with NatureArt can inject drama into it, making the forces of nature rage, or, alternatively, change the mood of the picture, adding a peaceful sunshine. Landscape will become a completely different look, if we change it a little weather. The same picture may become clearer picture of a summer day, or filled with flashes of lightning and thunder, to become a lyrical scene under the drizzling rain, or in tragic sketch of the rampant fire. Managing the effects of accessible and understandable. Several presets (blanks) to help you get results faster and deal with the program.

� AKVIS MakeUp v program to fix portrait photos. With this program you can transform an ordinary picture into the picture on the cover, a "glam" image. After processing in MakeUp photos look stylish and professional. AKVIS MakeUp automatically smoothes skin and removes imperfections, giving person in the portrait of radiance, purity and smoothness, highly characteristic of images. Stylish glamor photography have become hallmark of the fashion industry. But we should not forget that before you place the portrait on the pages of a fashion magazine, it is subjected to special treatment. Now these "tricks" of professional photographers are accessible to everyone!

� AKVIS Noise Buster v 8.0.2682.7927 remove digital noise. AKVIS Noise Buster - a program for the suppression of digital noise in the image. AKVIS Noise Buster suppresses noise matrix of a digital camera and noise that appear when you scan a photograph, reduced graininess and eliminates non-uniform color spots on the image, while maintaining detail and sharpness of the boundaries. The program removes both luminance noise and color (chromatic). The first manifests itself as a distorting element that differ in brightness (eg, bumps on the skin), the second - in the form of small spots, with the difference in color (eg, inappropriate spots of red or blue). Noise Buster copes with its task and in fact, and in another case.

� AKVIS ArtSuite v 7.5.2320 effects and picture frames. AKVIS ArtSuite - program for processing photos. With very small changes can add photos original and festive look. The program will help ArtSuite create a greeting card, a holiday album, a poster or calendar, place the image in the frame to turn a color photo into a modern stylized black and white portrait, and even make color correction. Methods of processing images in ArtSuite divided into two groups: Scope and Effects.

� AKVIS Retoucher v5.0.858.8386 restoration and retouching. Retoucher - software for photo restoration and photo retouching. The program will help remove scratches, stains, dust, stains and other defects and removing unnecessary details, the text, to reconstruct missing parts of pictures, "tighten" leaky sites and build up the ragged edge. AKVIS Retoucher does not only remove scratches, stains, dust and other defects from the surface of the picture, he recreates the missing pieces, using the neighboring areas of the image. One "click" you get rid of scratches on the photo, removing unnecessary signs and even unwanted items. The texture of the background is restored, the program reconstructs it after deleting the object. The program is very simple, you can easily learn how to use it. Simply select what you want to remove - and click the "Start". The program will do everything herself. You'll be amazed to see how your eyes creates a new image.

� AKVIS Sketch v 13.0.2473.8439 making pictures in the picture. AKVIS Sketch - software for creating drawings from photographs. AKVIS Sketch turns photos into sketches in pencil or charcoal, simulating manual work. Sketch allows you to create not just black and white pencil sketch, but a color picture, and even get the effect of watercolor and pastels. The main difference from similar software tool that allows AKVIS Sketch surprisingly qualitative result similar to the manual work of this artist - and little effort! A clear, intuitive interface, fast selection of the parameters using the windows "preview", the ability to switch a single mouse click between the original image and the resulting image, hints at the bottom right of the screen to help you achieve the desired effect. It is possible to save settings and use the blank (presets) that simplifies the further work with the program. Additional effects: a combination of photographs and drawings, some blurring of the image, drawing on the different types of surfaces (canvas, paper, fabric), add text (this may be the artist's signature, the name of the picture, greetings, dedication). Select the type of canvas, sign your picture - and you get a real work of art!

� AKVIS Enhancer v13.0.1944.8492 photocorrection with increased detail. AKVIS Enhancer - a program for processing photos, designed to improve the detail of the image, the correction of shaded areas and sharpening borders. Very often the picture seems hopelessly corrupt, too dark, muddy, indistinct. The reasons may be different, and in many cases it is reparable. AKVIS Enhancer (program name translates as "improver") helps in many difficult cases.

� AKVIS Lightshop v 3.0.863.8196 creation of lighting effects. AKVIS LightShop - program to add lighting effects to the image. AKVIS LightShop, like a magic wand that helps realize your vision. You can populate the night starry sky mysterious objects (UFOs), change the time of day or weather, add lightning and flash fire and smoke and fireworks. LightShop flatter your shots. The program allows you not only impose a glow to an image, but also "draw" - to create stunning images from scratch. The new image can be easily obtained from the elements and presets, you need only a little imagination. LightShop help the rest. Unleash your imagination! Try the program in action, start now. A ready-made patterns of luminescence (presets) that come with the program, will help you learn how to quickly add light effects to photos and create their own glow.

� AKVIS Coloriage v 8.0.975.8190 colorize images. AKVIS Coloriage - a program to colorize black and white photos and replacing colors on color images. AKVIS Coloriage is simple and clear, like a child's coloring book (the name of the program - "koloryazh" - translated from French means "coloring", "painting"). The program is extremely easy to use, requires no special effort, transforms work into play, drawing and inspiring. The main problem - the separation of areas and choice of colors. Just a few strokes to designate sites for repainting and run the calculation. Coloriage recognizes the borders and paint the image, applying color with a light texture, light and shadows. This automatic coloring can save considerable time! The program includes a rich library of colors to choose delicate shades of skin, hair, foliage, sky and other natural colors. It is possible to save and load the "finishing touches", one click to change the selected color. Additional tool - repaints brush - allows you to correct the result of automatic coloring. Also, the brush can be used as a standalone tool for coloring by hand.

� AKVIS Chameleon v 7.5.1677.8210 creating collages. AKVIS Chameleon - program to create collages, realistic and fantastic. AKVIS Chameleon - a program for those who love to create collages and amazing artistic compositions. Chameleon saves you time and effort, so it does not require precise selection of objects and careful treatment of the boundaries between the insert and the background. That is why the program got its name - it is "Chameleon", the color fits. The program allows you to change your appearance, for example, transplanted eyes from one photo to another, put on your skin tattoo or war paint. You can attach your face to the image of a rock star or a politician to put yourself next to the Cathedral of Notre Dame and to stay on the background of any other known place to write a modern photo into a classical painting. Chameleon is used in the design of web sites and photo albums, wedding pictures, in the preparation of promotional materials, greeting cards, wallpapers for your desktop. With the help of AKVIS Chameleon can transform the most ordinary picture, adding a "flavor".

� AKVIS SmartMask v 3.0.1029.7644 selection of the object in the picture. AKVIS SmartMask - a tool to quickly select an object in the image. Isolation of a fragment, creating a mask - the most frequently performed operation when working with images. Many items are only available after the selection is done a certain area (on the border or color). Select an object to removing the background, this is the first step toward creating a photomontage. Masking can be used to fine retouch and any correction for creating / applying effects to selected area. AKVIS SmartMask allows you to quickly and accurately cut out the part of the picture. For example, it is necessary to separate the human figure from the background. Run the plug-in AKVIS SmartMask. Schematically indicate areas / colors that you want to leave, and those that will be removed along with the background. All you need to do a few movements of the brush, and plug SmartMask all calculated based on your selections. You no longer need to carefully trace the outline in Photoshop, afraid to breathe once again to make sure we did not flinch hand.

� AKVIS Decorator v 3.0.538 replacement textures and repainting the surface. AKVIS Decorator lets you change the surface of the object in the image. With this program you can apply a texture preserving the volume of relief, bends, folds, shadows of the original image. You just need to allocate part of the image in a photo editor (clothes, car, furniture, even a person's face), and then call the plug-in and select a texture. And the dress appeared beautiful ornament, like a machine now built of bricks, and instead of a neighbor looking at you with quite a decent photo humanoid. Experimenting with the Decorator, you can create a completely unimaginable things. Scope of the program varied. Decorator is used not only for fun experiments to modify surfaces (for example, a car), the software helps designers quickly and efficiently find the options of interior design, and web masters to fill all the positions of the online store. After all, to create a set of the same subjects, differing only in material, color, presence of patterns, Decorator fits perfectly.

� AKVIS MultiBrush v 5.5.1373.7644 retouching and creative. AKVIS MultiBrush - ideal for photo retouching and drawing pictures, remove unwanted parts and adding new ones. The name of the program MultiBrush means "many hands". In fact, it's a laboratory in which you can edit the picture, to restore an old photograph anything in the middle of painting a picture or draw a picture from scratch. The program presents two sets of tools - Standard and paint brushes. Brush Collection program AKVIS MultiBrush can fix her chosen field of photography without much effort: to change the color saturation and sharpness, smudge object colors mixing neighboring toned area, brightened or dimming, restore and conceal, remove unwanted objects to create an artistic collage or drawing colors.

� AKVIS Refocus v 1.5.198 fix blurry photos. AKVIS Refocus helps to sharpen the fuzzy, blurry, defocused images. With this program you can correct the entire image, or to "bring into focus" only a certain object, select it on the background of elements of the plan. Even if you think that picture is so good that not need treatment, you can always choose to focus on the individual fragments to focus on some details, like eyes, using selective focus technique. Typically, selective focus is used for portraits, macro shots, when shooting close-ups. This requires a carefully set up the camera, set the aperture value.

Information about the program:
Year of Release: 2012
Language: Multilingual
Operating System: Windows � 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 (x32 | x64)
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