Plexus 1.4.4 with Tutorials

Plexus 1.4.4 with Tutorials | 1.1 Gb

Plexus is a Next Generation 3D Particle System Plugin Designed for Adobe After Effects.
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- Create Stunning Generative Art with ease
- Highly Integrated into After Effects, native Camera and Light aware.
- Breakthrough Modular Workflow, that is infinitely configurable.
- Create Organic Structures using Powerful Replication Tools.
- Effectors to create Physical Simulations.
- You can import OBJ Files and OBJ Sequences into Plexus.
- Use AE Lights to shade the Plexus and Color Maps to color the particles.
- High Quality Custom Rendering Engine.
- Depth of Field
- 32 Bit Rendering
- Scaling Parameters for Effectors
- Fade Out for Spherical Field
- Individual Noise Amplitude Control for Each Light.
- Control over Rendering Order.
- Scale Plexus using the Transform Effector.
- Added more Blending Modes.

In Plexus Version 1.4.4 Fixed Opacity and DoF Bug