Crime Life: Gang Wars (2005/MULTi2/Lossless RePack by R.G. Origami)
Year: 2005 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: HotHouse Creations | Publisher: Konami Europe | 3.13 Gb
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

?Crime Life. Street War "continues to work steadily Street massacre, triumphantly begun a series of legendary GTA. No wonder Crime Life went abroad among the most violent games.
Our new hero with the proud name of Tre - a rookie black gang Outlawz. Hung with gold chains Big Dog Daddy wants to purge the city from its competitors, and we, of course, falls dirty work. Split a pair of boards on the happy faces of neighbors in the area, high-handed scare businessman (damn capitalists even think to raise the rent), to rob a bunch of suitable facilities within the meaning of - ordinary everyday guy in the cap. The more frequent contact with his fist Tre enemy's nose, the strip is filled with nimble "anger." Even one-third is sufficient to perform the miracle of the mighty kick, and when you finally bring the hero "to the point," he will not leave the enemy no chance. Fend off the blows is reasonable only in one-on-one battles. Survival strategy is surprisingly unpretentious. Block, a simple combo box, combo again, block, combos, and heaped on the "superataku," then went on the defensive, and repeated all over again. On paper, looks simple, but try the scheme described in practice! Long time I have not seen a game of communication with which to really get tired fingers and forearms. What is not an alternative "rocker"

"You have to fight for their right to life. To commit crimes, fight, loot, trade in arms and drugs, engage in war with the gangs loyal to your people.
"The unique reputation. Game tracks your every action and reacts to it. Crime Life on the verge of two genres: the actions and strategies - over time you will have to manage their own group.
"The game authentically recreates a culture of life in disadvantaged neighborhoods of America. Clothing and hair styles heroes, graffiti on the streets, abandoned wasteland with basketball courts, old Cadillacs parked in front of poor houses, the atmosphere of hopelessness of existence in the black quarter - graphic design Crime Life will impress you.

Features RePack versions
Do not cut / no recoded
It is based on - License from Konami Europe
Version of the game - 1.09
Installation time ~ 15 minutes
Released by R.G. Origami

System Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Se7eN
Processor: Intel Pentium ? III 1,2 GHz or equivalent AMD
RAM: 256MB
Video: nVidia GeForce2-class or ATI Radeon 7500 with 64 MB memory, compatible with DirectX ? 9.0c
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ? 9.0
Free space on your hard disk: 3.2 GB