Zildjian Gen16 Z-Pack v01 A Series For FXPansion DVDR-AudioP2P

Zildjian Gen16 Z-Pack v01 A Series For FXPansion DVDR
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The Gen16 Digital Vault Z-Pack Vol. 1 - A Series features the cleanest, most accurate and realistic cymbal sounds ever created; a must-have addition to any serious drum sampling arsenal. The samples on this volume contain 14 of the most popular A Zildjian cymbals recorded at the highest quality with multiple velocity layers for the bell, bow, and edge of each cymbal in addition to multiple articulations of stick, mallet, and brush. Each factory reference cymbal has been hand-selected by Zildjian's Master Cymbal Tester, Paul Francis, and painstakingly recorded by percussion sampling guru, John Emrich. The result - the purest cymbal samples available anywhere.

The Z-Pack also includes exclusive artist groove tracks. Gen16 has collaborated with accomplished musicians like Peter Michael Escovedo, Michael White, and Dave DiCenso to create a series of drum and percussion groove tracks. Now you can bring their talent into your studio. Each drum and percussion performance is available as full music audio (full band or music minus drums), as well as separate GM (General MIDI) files. Move your ideas in new directions and take your sound to the next level.

Run Gen16 Digital Vault Z-Pack on the included software powered by BFD ECO, or with latest versions of BFD2 products.

A Zildjian cymbal sound samples included are:

10" A Custom Splash (Stick, Brush)
16" A Custom Crash (Stick, Brush, Mallet)
18" A Custom Crash (Stick, Brush, Mallet)
18" A Custom China (Stick, Mallet)
20" A Custom Crash (Stick, Mallet)
22" China Boy High (Stick, Brush, Mallet)
14" A Custom Hat (Stick, Brush)
14" A Custom Mastersound Hat (Stick, Rod)
14" New Beat Hat (Stick, Brush)
20" A Custom Med Ride (Stick, Brush)
20" A Ping Ride (Stick, Rod)
20" A Rock Ride (Stick)
21" A Sweet Ride (Stick, Brush)
21" Rezo Ride (Stick, Rod)

System: Mac/PC

Format: AU | VST | RTAS | Stand Alone
Size GB: 18.1

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2, or Windows 7
OSX 10.5.8, or OSX 10.6.2 and above (Intel Mac only)
BFD2.1 or BFD Eco