CompacSoft [plus] Bosch FSA 7XX / FSA 050 v.4.5 (2012/01)

contains software for the signal generator, multimeter and oscilloscope, and general instructions for connecting and testing algorithms. CompacSoft [plus] contains updated detailed instructions for connecting and testing the algorithms, as well as 2005 - the base reference values measured quantities.

Year of Release: 2012/1
Manufacturer: Robert Bosch GmbH
The name of a / m: CompacSoft [plus] Bosch FSA 7XX / FSA 050 v.4.5
Type: software instrument Bosch FSA
Format: ISO

System Requirements:
CPU frequency 1300mGts and above;
RAM 256 MB or higher;
HDD 8 GB and higher;
DVD-ROM drive (for installation ESI [tronic]); Windows 2000 SP3 or XP SP1

can work in conjunction with Bosch ESI [tronic] one year of release.

In addition to diagnostic capabilities with the settings for specific models of cars (in the presence of motor testers FSA) there are general tips on connecting motor testers for every test, as well as thematic excerpts (in English) from avtomobitnogo Handbook "Automotive Handbook" published by Robert Bosch GmbH. In the program's Help videos available that show the possibility of using motor testers Bosch FSA.