Calculate Linux 11.15 5xDVD ( 86/x64)

Calculate Linux 11.15 5xDVD (?86/x64) | 7,13 Gb

March 14, that is, Today, the Release of Calculate Linux 11.15 - distribution based on Gentoo and fully compatible with it, but the presence of differing installer Calculate proprietary utilities to configure the system, ready to heterogeneous client-server solutions for rapid deployment in the enterprise.

The main innovation is the 11.15 version of the transition to GNOME 3 and shell GNOME-Shell, while maintaining a familiar interface Calculate Linux Desktop and support work in the domain under the control of Calculate Directory Server. To organize the users environment in the distribution of their own set of added extensions. Switching between windows running the usual combination of Alt + Tab. The panel for the most commonly used applications, traditionally for the distribution, located at the bottom of the screen.

The following version of the distribution:
Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Desktop with the desktop KDE (CLD), GNOME (CLDG) and XFCE (CLDX), Calculate Media Center (CMC), Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS), and Calculate Scratch Server (CSS). The last two, with no graphical shell - the official site.

The composition of Calculate Linux 11.15 distribution is the kernel Linux 3.2.8, Gnome 3.2, KDE 4.8.1, XFCE 4.8, Chromium 17, LibreOffice 3.5, XBMC 11.0, Gimp 2.6.11, OpenLDAP 2.4.24, Samba 3.5.11.

Starting with version 11.15, all distributions support package repositories for updates.


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