ETKA 7.3 Audi & VW + Database VINov (New link)

ETKA 7.3 Audi & VW + Database VINov | 2.01 Gb

Electronic catalog of VW, AUDI - ETKA 7.3 contains full information on spare parts and accessories for cars of concern VAG, including minibuses. Also present in the assembly base VINov to work in ETKA.

A. Set Hardlock.exe
Two. Start pill *: \ Crack by Voliacom \ Installer.exe
Three. Run Setup.exe (ETKA 7.3).

Base VINov to work in ETKA
Database VIN-s assembled a group of enthusiasts from different countries to work in ETKA 7.0, 7.2 and 7.3 for those who have problems with access to the Internet.

How to configure:
1: Launch ETKA. Here is a 4 window - VW, SEAT, SKODA, AUDI.
2: One by pressing the left mouse button select the window VW in siniyu frame.
3: Under the windows, select the section "Utilities."
4: Choose the section "ini-editor".
5: In the "INTERNET" select "auto identity" to 7.0 "search FI" to 7.2.
6: Put a cross in the box "PATH" (must be the path C: \ VAG \ USERDATA \ FGST \ or C: \ ETKA \ USERDATA \ FGST \) for 7.0 to 7.2 in the leave X "to show a message when you access the Internet."
7: Remove the cross from the window "get chassis numbers over the Internet."
8: Push to remember.
9: Make the procedure turn (!) For windows - SEAT, SKODA, AUDI.
10: Reboot ETKA
11: Take the VIN of any of the folders C: \ VAG \ USERDATA \ FGST \ or C: \ ETKA \ USERDATA \ FGST \ and check it for clipping.
12: If the slot is working!
13: In order to avoid errors and misunderstandings MUST (if possible) SOPOSTOVLYAYTE data with real data on the car!


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