Year: 2006

Country: Italy

Genre: cumshot, anal, orgy, trio, oral

Duration: 1:29:00

Director: Franco Minnelli and Etienne Villa

Studio: All Male Studio

Cast: Jupy Bertocchi, Sebastiano Castello, Fabio Gherrero, Andrea Mattioli, Maurizio Pace, Salvatore Ramieri, Ottavio Re, Enrico Roversi, Andrea Simoni, Marco Zonda

Description: The lads want a sex party, but this one has a theme. You have to arrive in uniform! These blokes in combats and leather don't stay in their uniform long! It's soon all in piles on the floor while the men are more interested in each other's cocks and holes!

A typical gay theme party where access to the venue is only allowed for those wearing a certain dress code, whether that is military, leather or other. Clothing is fundamental for entrance, but once you're inside they are a useless hindrance to those who want to take part in the unforgettable orgy that's going to begin soon.

Another gay porn encounter with the best from All Male Studio, the best gay movies always cum with a theme attached. This one shows an organized party where you can't get in without a uniform. We don't care if it's leather, military or something else.

This is one party you don't want to miss.

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All Male Studio (2006) - Gay Party In Uniform