Windoza Fan USB by Puhpol 2012 | 859 MB

Windoza Fan USB - A set of files to create a multiboot stick. With the help of the media can install Win 7, the cure system of extortion by SMS, downloading restore sistemy.Kopirovat, recover data or discs.

-Boot disk based on Windows 7 PE, including a set of tools for system recovery after blocking SMS banner. Designed to combat Trojan-Ransom.Win32 blocker and other varieties blokiratorov.Sborka has sufficient amount of installed software for working with HDD, network connectivity, Internet access, system recovery, lost data and to solve other problems.

- Changed the boot from the Core-2.
Because I think (the author) that the problem of boot-boot system (and the preparation of the disc), some went through boot Black Widow Boot by Core-2.

пїЅ Setting the display resolution to start the download
пїЅ Acronis пїЅ True Image пїЅ Home 2012 Plus Pack
пїЅ Acronis пїЅ Disk Director пїЅ Home Update 2
пїЅ Acronis пїЅ Disk Director пїЅ Server 10
пїЅ Acronis пїЅ Recovery Expert
пїЅ Total Commander
пїЅ Installation of WIN 7
пїЅ Restore x86 download

пїЅ Ultra ISO - portable version of the program to install WIN 7 of the image.

-If you remove all of the image with VIN7, the root nositelya.U you will have the ability to install WIN 7 via native boot, or via Boot Win7 by Core-2/puh

1.Zapuskaem RMPrepUSB_Portable_2.1.630 program and format the flash drive or disk to NTFS or FAT32 (you like)
2.C using RMPrepUSB_Portable_2.1.630 set Grub4DOS
3.Izvlekaem all of the archive media.

System requirements:
пїЅ RAM: 512 Mb
пїЅ VGA: Super VGA 800 x 600

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