Channel Robot Grid Machine: Matrix Volume 1 KONTAKT
Language: English
Team: N/A | 2.38 GB

Is it Tenori-on? Is it Monome? No its GRID MACHINE//MATRIX! the coolest most cost effective way to get into grid-based audio. GM//MATRIX is a massively powerful, engaging, fun way to develop unique melodic content from literally under your finger-tips.
Featuring 50 sound-banks in 5 Kontakt instruments all meticulously multi-sampled for use in the instrument by GM//MATRIX creators ChannelRobot. Sounds custom designed to match the grid based approach and for use across a wide range of genres from DnB, thru Dubstep and on into House and more. Rich, fat analog leads and basses, shimmering pads and leads and in the unlikely case that they're not what you want GM//MATRIX outputs MIDI thru Kontakt to your favourite synths for even more creative possibilities.

GM//MATRIX features nearly 30 different pattern approaches, heaps of scales and keys, variable tempos and velocities, random notes and stutter repeats all allowing unlimited new melodic content, as commercial or as dark as you need.

Plus as an introductory offer 45 CRX01 experimental sequencer instruments. Strange original and compelling sequenced/arpegiated noises, but be careful X stands for eXperimental...

Tech Specs:
Kontakt 5.0+ Instrument

Kontakt 5 Virtual Instrument
50 Instruments: 5 octaves in 8 velocity layers
2.37 Gb of sound files
Nearly 3,000 Audio Samples
50+ presets
49 Bonus Presets for Tech and House
45 CRX Arpegiator Instruments

Please Note: You will need Kontakt 5+ to use this product

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