City Navigator Europe Unicode NT 2012.40 (Unlocked + Map Source) | 6.68 GB
System Requirements: Garmin devices with support for Unicode. The range 2hhh, 3hhh and others.
Coverage area:
FID: 2564


Also, in the hand is present card for MapSource card to unlock before you copy into a directory on your computer (for example: C: \ ProgramData \ Garmin \ Maps). Content for the MapSource is a directory of City Navigator Europe (Unicode) NT 2012.40.gmap.

Additionally, in the distribution directory is SQLite, a file folder JCV Junction View function, and a folder with a three-dimensional map GMAP3D GMAP3D.IMG
Extras. Also added to the distribution folder with the G2S faylomD2925050A.G2S
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