Digital Juice Fonts Collection 9 | 7.81 GB

After 8 collections chock-full of every different kind of font imaginable, it might seem impossible to produce a treasure chest full of precious new fonts. But with Digital Juice Fonts Collection 9, we have done just that! Collection 9 is a perfect and valuable mix with painstakingly hand drawn illustrated fonts and a unique array of meticulously designed photo fonts — all topped off with a sprinkling of high detail 3D rendered typefaces that take any layout into the next dimension.Overall, Collection Nine contains 11 unique DJ Font Families — 2 photographic, 2 3D and 7 illustrated — for a total of over 500 ready-to-use DJ Standard Fonts, and an unlimited stream of future font customizations through our My DJ Font and Community DJ Font features.
11 Brand New Font Families
More than 400 ready-to-use Standard DJ Fonts variations
11 Illustrated, photographic & 3D fonts
5-35 layers per font
Each font glyph designed at a high resolution of approx.
2000 x 2000 pixels for maximum flexibility in uses
Most fonts contain a full
152-character glyph set
Works only in Juicer software

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