Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood - GOG (2002/MULTI2)
Year: 2002 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Spellbound Entertainment AG | Publisher: Anuman Interactive | 1.35 Gb
Genre: Strategy

England, in 1190 the year of our Lord. The darkest period of the British Middle Ages. King Richard the Lionheart fought in the Crusade to liberate the Holy Land from the infidels. Know, headed by Prince John Landless remaining to look after the procedure in the country, holding simple peasants in a tight rein, squeezing out every last drop them by force of arms, and holding them in check. Only one man dared to challenge the tyranny, leading a small group of outcasts. The people know it as Robin Hood.

Robin of Locksley has returned to England from the Crusades. Bleak was his return to the country, which he did not recognize. Once the birthplace of freedom, she became the preserve of the oppressors, the Normans, where anyone who dared raise his head, he immediately lost it on the block or detect a loop in it. Even the Saxon know not been free from harassment: Robin's father, Lord Loxley, died, and all his possessions usurped the Sheriff of Nottingham, announcing that Robin fell in battle.

Discouraged by such trafficking, Robin tried to go to Lincoln to ask for help from his cousin, Sir Godwin. But the child is familiar with Lincoln Castle was full of unknown soldiers, and most of Sir Godwin was not there. People said that the godfather of Robin disappeared.

Stripped tribal ownership, declared an outlaw, Robin wandered so long, until povtrechalsya a group of peasants who had fled from the constant requisitions into the woods and lived poaching and highway robbery. He saved them, and the grateful peasants declared their leader Robin.

At first Robin limited to small raids on the tax collectors, Prince John, taking away from them all the gold and gave it to his impoverished peasants. Only when Lady Marian told him that King Richard kept in captivity, and Prince John is not going to pay for his ransom, our hero decided to revolt.

Thus began the legend of Sherwood. The legend of Robin of Locksley, known as Hood, a distinguished king of the criminal who robbed the rich and helped the poor.

System requirements:
♦ Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
♦ Processor: Pentium II 233 MHz
♦ Memory: 64 MB
♦ Video: 8 MB
♦ Sound device: compatible with DirectX