Size: 1.02 GB

Game Notes:

Welcome to the world of Gothic. War has decimated the land, Orc Hordes are

invading human territory and the king of the land needs a lot of ore to

forge enough weapons for his army to stand against this threat. Prisoners

from all over the empire are imprisoned in a large magical sphere where

they have to work in the mines for the king. You are thrown into the

sphere to give a letter to the high mages, this letter may be the turning

point on the war against the Orcs.

The world is constantly changing, throughout the game sudden events will

change the world and entire relationships between several groups. NPCs

have daily habits, sleeps at night, gets up in the morning, goes to work,

and talks to other NPCs. Monster AI, Monsters cooperate with each other

and figure things out. If a monster finds a better weapon it will use it.

In the game you will pass a lot of different riddles that will take you

to places where you can find stronger weapons or you can improve your

equipment. If someone�s not interested in the more difficult riddles,

it is possible to go throughout the game and only solve the easier ones.

Game Features:

* Self intuitive gameplay

* communication with over 250 NPCs.

* Non Player Character�s have memory and will tell his friends about it.

In case of a second meeting

Install Notes:

1) unrar

2) burn the .cue and .bin with CDRWin or Fireburner

3) install game

4) and then play