Windows 8 Ultimate Extr ISO

Windows 8 xTreme its a System based on Windows 7:
- Windows 8 xTreme doesn't have any components removed from Original Windows 7 Image
so you wont lose any compatibly with software, hardware or miss any stuff at all.

- Windows 8 xTreme its a Clean Windows 7 Image with a compilation of the best tweaks and a new integrated look
keeping all new features like superbar, etc ...

- All default applications are silently installed before StartUp ...


* UAC Disabled
* Take Ownership
* Show File Extensions
* Automatic Defragmentation with Diskeeper
* New Cmd File to Right Click
* Enabled Search System Folders in Search
* ClearType
* Windows Will Tell You Exactly What it is Doing When it is Shutting Down or is Booting
* Increase Network Throughput
* ... many tweaks for IE8
* ... many more tweaks for W7 ...


* New Windows 7 Themes
* New Start Button
* New Cursor 3D
* New Hd Wallpapers
* New Hd System Icons Integrated In System
* New User Account Pics
* New Windows Scheme Sounds
* New Logon Screen
* ... and more

In other words...This is just a modded Windows 7

1) Unrar the files
2) Burn to disk
3) Load Windows 7/8 Xtreme (Starter,Home Basic & Premium,
Professional, and Ultimate). You can pick one.

A) During the install it will ask for you to type in your
product key, No key is needed.

B) In the same window check the "Atomatically Activate"
C) Click next and continue with install

I always just boot from cd-dvd and do a fresh install
because Win 7 creates a folder called windows.old.
The folder has your libaries all backed up.
I have tested this without format so whichever why you like will work.

D) Run and install updates prior to loading any programs.

E) Run Windows Loader

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