SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP2 x86-x64 Russian

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP2 x86-x64 Russian | 8.48 GB

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 2 (Service Pack 2) - the first major release since the absorption by Novell AttachMate. The new version is notable for the transition to a new method of distribution of new functionality - "forward"-porting. Rather than return to port innovations and improvements in newer versions of the Linux kernel in the basic core distribution in SUSE moved to a new tactic: the distribution of new integrated version of the kernel, which supplemented the SUSE-specific features and refined to maintain compatibility with previous releases of the product and guarantee consistent policy and binary interfaces.

The process of adaptation and refinement will go continuously, following the development of the upstream kernel.

Among the key enhancements:
� Switching to the kernel Linux 3.0 (SLES-SP1 to use a kernel based on 2.6.32). Numerous performance optimizations. Support for technology to increase the base size of addressable memory pages "Transparent Huge Rages." Flexible resource allocation system CPU (Process bandwith controller) - in the CFS scheduler adds the ability to limit consumption of CPU time for a group of processes;
� Provide full support of PS Btrfs, including the provision of commercial support services for configurations with Btrfs. Integration of applications to make use of Snapper Btrfs snapshots in YaST and Zypper, that allows to organize a quick rollback changes to system configuration and the abolition of the installed packages;
� Support for isolated environments on the basis of light-weight containers LXC (LinuX Container). Improved support for virtualization Xen, KVM, vmWare ESX iHyper-V;
� Supports more than 500 new chipsets, network cards and storage devices. Realizing the potential of new models of CPU Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron, including hot-swap / add / disable processors and memory;
� Support to mount the root filesystem in read-only mode;
� Integration into the core product Tomcat6, container for JSP-pages and Java-servlets;
� As desktop environments used by GNOME 2.28 (c ported support for PulseAudio), and KDE 4.3.5;
� Added a specialized daemon sssd (System Security Services Daemon) for user authentication via LDAP and Kerberos;
� In addition to AppArmor adds full-time and ready for use, but not enabled by default, support for SELinux;
� Significantly improved support for IPv6;
� Support for FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) and DCB (Data Center Bridging);
� Improved components to install updates. The inclusion of utilities zypper;
� Integration of web-based interface for system configuration WebYaST;
� EVMS2 replaced by LVM2;

Updated versions of many applications, including:
binutils 2.21.1, clamav 0.97.3, dhcp 4.2.3.P2, gdb 7.3, hplip 3.11.10, Qt 4.6.3, libvirt 0.9.6, mdadm 3.2.2, Firefox 10, OpenLDAP 2.4.26, kvm 0.15 .1, Xen 4.1.2, gawk 3.1.8

Title: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
Version 11 SP2 x86-x64
License: Other
Operating System: Windows
Size: 8.48 Gb


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