Fakulty Studios - Y.O.L.O (WAV MIDI)

Fakulty Studios - Y.O.L.O (WAV/MIDI) | 896MB
'Y.O.L.O.' is the style of music where You Only Live Once. Join the modern day tribe of producers like Drake Wayne Rick Ross Wale Tyga Meek Mills and Wiz Khalifa whose mesmerising melodies result in sea deep trances and late night dances.
H-Town! Whether a fan of the city or the 90s R&B group this genre of Hip Hop is guaranteed to send its listeners to a state of electric relaxation! No longer do you have to travel to Texas to be H-Town bound!Imagine a bed of relaxing basslines serenading synths and brass horn harmonies topped with smooth vocal massages that serve as an auditory aphrodisiac.
Strong enough for a man and PH balanced enough for a woman this pack is the glass of wine that everyone looks forward to after a long day. A toast to you on your journey to the top of the charts that takes off at your listeners' ears and lands in their hearts.

Product Details:
? 24-Bit WAV Loops
? 5 Tempo-labelled Construction Kits
? 5 Mixed and mastered mini-mixes
? 122 WAV files at your disposal
? Fully mixed and mastered with SSL URS & Waves technology