Windows DesktopPack 11.10 x86/x64/ISO | 4.3 Gb

Windows DesktopPack - a suite of Free Software / OpenSource for Windows. It includes programs for a wide range of tasks that are functional equivalents of expensive free software (such as MS Office, graphics and music editors, antivirus, archivers, Internet browsers, layout and design, etc.)

The product is designed for a wide range of users - from owners of home computers to corporate customers and government officials.
The vast majority of programs included in the collection have a Russian interface, easy to learn and use.

90% of the presented programs on the disk is also for Linux-based platforms. For example, if you use an office suite LibreOffice working in Windows, then you just as easily be able to work in LibreOffice and Linux.

But there is a way out - to deliver computers with Windows DesktopPack.
As a result:

Your computers will be provided with a complete set of necessary software.
In this way you will save the client from the need to call dubious experts and the use of pirated software - the whole service from you!

Program on the disk is dominated by OpenSource, but theres also free.

Contents of DVD (160 applications)

System programs (17 programs)

Areca Backup - personal file backup software
Bacula - file archiver with high compression ratio.
BleachBit - delete unnecessary files from the system
Directory Sync Pro - professional synchronizing directories
dvdisaster - protection against data loss / scratch / aging CD / DVD media
Grsync - frontend to rsync
GSmartControl - graphical user interface for smartctl
iTalc matre interface - Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers
Linux Live USB Creator - a utility allowing easily from WINDOWS to create a bootable Live USB with a Linux distribution
PeaZip - a powerful front end to various archivers
QPxTool - CD / DVD quality checker
VirtualBox - virtualization product for OS Microsoft Windows, DOS, GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and SUN Solaris / OpenSolaris.
TrueCrypt - encryption software with GUI-interface
UNetbootin - installer of Linux / BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive
Universal USB Installer - Install your favorite Linux operating system on a flash drive or USB key
BitRock InstallBuilder - allows you to create easy to use multiplatform installers
Metasploit Framework - an open platform for building and debugging exploits

Graphics (31 program)
Picasa - Image management application from Google
Aqsis User Interface - 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard
Apophysis - Fractal Generator.
Album Shaper - The organization of images in the galleries, collections and galleries.
Blender - fast and flexible system of three-dimensional modeling and rendering
Bricscad - DWG CAD alternative platform
CYCAS39 - professional 2D +3 D ??CAD package
Dia - diagram editor
digiKam - Digital Photo Management
Fotowall - application for creating collages and compositions of the online galleries of images and photos.
GNU Image Manipulation Program - a powerful analogue of Adobe Photoshop
K-3D - 3D system modeling and animation
MyPaint - Risovalka with dynamic brushes
PhotoFilmStrip - create videos from pictures in three simple steps
Pinta Image Editor - a graphical editor
QElectroTech - Electric schematic editor
Scan Tailor - utility for processing scanned images
Scribus (Development) - Open Source Desktop Page Layout
Screenie - a small and lightweight GNU screen wrapper
Synfig Studio - vector-based 2D animation renderer
UFRaw - a utility to import images in raw-format digital cameras
VariCAD - 3D & 2D CAD system
Wings3D polygon mesh modeller - polygon mesh 3D-modeler in the spirit of Nendo
Batch printing of photos in PhotoPrint - a utility for printing images
Vector graphics editor Inkscape
Stapler Hugin panoramas
gCAD3D - German CAD developers
LuxRender - system of rendering three-dimensional scenes
XnViewMP - View images
MEDUSA4 - Personal 2D/3D CAD Suite
yED - Diagram Editor
Internet (40 programs)
TeamSpeak - a program for voice communication on the Internet
NX Client for Linux - fast and scalable server termingalny
aMSN - MSN instant messenger
aMule - client networks eD2k and Kad, like eMule
Deluge BitTorrent Client - BitTorrent-Client
Dropbox - Dropbox integration for Nautilus
EiskaltDC - a graphical client for Direct Connect
FileZilla - Graphical Client Full-featured FTP / FTPS / SFTP
FireFox - the browser of new generation
Free Download Manager - combines the properties of the download manager and off-line browser
Google Chrome - The web browser from Google
Google Earth - a project in which the satellite photos have been posted throughout the earths surface.
HTTP Ripper - tool for downloading content
MDC Internet Messenger - free IM-client to a remote storage stories
Miranda IM - Universal instant messaging client protocol ICQ, AIM, IRC, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, etc.
NeverNote - Evernote client for service
Opera - The Opera Web Browser
PuTTY - a client for a variety of remote access protocols, including SSH, Telnet, rlogin.
qutIM - easy, fast and user-friendly instant messaging client.
Qwit - twitter-client interface that fits perfectly in any graphical environment
Remobo Instant Private Network - IPN creates between users
RSSOwl - news-reader for RSS, RDF and Atom
Seamonkey - Navigator, Mail, and Conferences, Composer, Address Book, IRC-Chat
SIM (Simple Instant Messenger) - client for instant messaging
Skype - provides encrypted voice communication between computers over the Internet (VoIP)
TeamViewer - the decision "all in one" for remote access and online support
Thunderbird - a program for e-mail and newsgroups.
Tucan Manager - download manager for file sharing
Uget - Simple graphical download manager
WebHTTrack Websote Copier - Creates a copy of the site on your computer, web-based interface for httrack
Wireshark - is a network traffic analyzer, so-called "Sniffer"
Nmap - multiplatform application for examination and audit network security.
Azureus - A program to download files from file-sharing network Bittorrent.
WinSCP - Graphical client protocols SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and SCP
XChat - cross-platform IRC-client
Pidgin - instant messaging client
Ya-line - Yandex jabber client for
Psi Plus - IM client, focused on the Jabber protocol
Spicebird - a program for e-mail and messaging
AutoScan Network - designed to detect and manage network devices.

Special Features (1 program)
Workrave - a program against the syndrome, computer vision

Standard (16 programs)
7-Zip - file archiver with high compression ratio
Double Commander - file manager with two panels
FAR Manager - File Manager console
f.lux indicator applet - the regulation of the brightness of the monitor depending on time of day
GNU Privacy Assistant - GNU Privacy Assistant
Gravit - Gravity simulator
InfraRecorder - a program for recording CD and DVD
Java - a platform for enterprise applications based on the language Java.
KeePassX - Cross Platform Password Manager
MySQL Navigator - GUI client program for MySQL database server
Nemo - A file manager for those who would rather have their files manage themselves
QuickSynergy - to use one keyboard and one mouse to simultaneously control multiple computers on a network.
Redshift - keep your eyes
Skype Call Recorder - Free software for automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls and conferences in Skype.
Sweet Home 3D - Interior Design
Check for viruses - ClamAV GUI

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