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The Murder of One
Elena drops by Alaric's with muffins. Damon won't let her in.
After she walks away, we see what he was hiding from her -- Alaric at a table saw, cutting down the white oak Wickery Bridge sign to make stakes.
Stefan suggests sharper points. "We finally have our own stakes to kill an original, I'm not going to miss because you can't whittle," Stefan tells Damon.
When it's all underway, Alaric announces he's going to call Sheriff Forbes and turn himself in. Stefan explains they have Originals to kill first. Damon gives Ric his ring back. "You're going vampire hunting, Ric -- wear it," Damon says.
Out in the woods, Elena breaks the news to Caroline that Alaric killed her dad. Elena thinks Alaric is a victim of something supernatural, just like everyone else.
Matt joins them. The Salvatores arrive, having texted everyone. Bonnie can't make it, they assume she's mourning her mom bailing again. Damon tells them about the white oak. Elena realizes they have a weapon to kill Klaus -- a whole bag full of them.
Klaus finds his brother Finn walking down a street. Klaus is looking for their mother, who Finn says is off trying to find another way to kill them all. He's totally in support of that.
Klaus wants Finn to come back to Mystic Falls so a witch can unlink them. Klaus threatens to dagger Finn if he doesn't come with them, but Klaus points out it would affect Rebekah, too. Klaus isn't concerned. Finn walks around a corner and sees Rebekah is there, on Klaus's side. Klaus throws Finn around.
Back in the woods, Stefan explains that Rebekah is their target. They want Caroline to play Klaus bait again and distract him. Matt will distract Rebekah, Damon will pin her arms from behind and Stefan will stake her. They have 12 stakes.
They practice various scenarios.
Klaus drags Finn back home and shows him Sage is there waiting for him. They run into each other's arms. Rebekah excuses herself to go render payback on Damon.
At his house, Damon hides his stake with the firewood. "Did you learn nothing from the moonstone in the soapdish" Alaric asks.
They hear a noise and Damon investigates. He's at the bottom of the stairs when Alaric comes flying down. He turns around and Rebekah drives a knife through his gut.
In the town square, Elena worries to Caroline that Bonnie isn't returning her calls. Matt notices Sage and Finn, visiting where they used to meet up. Sage tells him she doesn't want him to die.
Elena calls Stefan, who comes home to find Alaric waking up. Damon is gone.
Back at Rebekah's, she strings Damon up by animal traps on his wrists. She rips open his shirt, telling him she's going to bleed the vervane out of him so she can compel him to kill Elena or Stefan. She slices open his chest and neck. Klaus stops in to offer bleeding critiques.
Then he visits his witch: Bonnie. She's studying the unlinking spell, but he reminds her he'll kill anyone who comes to her rescue. She says she's not strong enough, so Klaus calls his brother Kol, who was on standby. He sends video of Jeremy playing fetch with his dog in Seattle.
Caroline visits Alaric, bringing him his witchy herb juice. She tells him she knows he killed her dad. He apologizes. She tells him about killing a stranger after she turned -- and she liked it.
She says she's no better than him. She's going to follow Elena's lead and choose to believe Alaric can be saved.
Stefan meets up with Elena downtown. He wants to proceed with trying to kill Finn while they have the chance, but she wants to save Damon. Seeing that she's not going to help him, Stefan walks off.
Damon slowly bleeds out in Klaus's house. In a dreamlike haze, he sees Elena approach and tells her to release the traps on his hands. She does. She carries him out, but he's weak. She says she's not going to leave him and offers him her wrist. He bites down, then he stops and kisses her.
And then he wakes up. Damon mocks Rebekah for thinking he actually had a thing for her. "I get it, if Klaus bossed me around for 1,000 years I'd probably be pretty desperate for attention, too," he says. Rebekah stabs him and twists the knife.
Bonnie hears. She tells Klaus the way he uses people isn't right. He threatens to track down her mother and kill her, too. Klaus shows Bonnie vials of his sibling' blood and offers his own.
In the Grill, Sage and Finn do shots of tequila. A guy named Troy says hi to Sage and she tells Finn she turned him for back-up. She explains she's in enemy territory and they can't trust anybody. Matt and Stefan linger nearby. Sage orders more tequila and Matt takes out a vial with a dropper.
Bonnie starts the spell at Klaus' house.
Stefan texts Matt to get ready as Finns scolds Sage for turning people.
Sage and Finn knock back their shots and immediately spit them out. They notice the vervane and see Stefan leaving.
Bonnie chants and the mixed siblings' blood separates on the table.
Stefan waits for Sage and Finn outside and jumps them, but Sage quickly knocks the stake out of his hand and down some stairs.
Bonnie finishes chanting and the blood is in five pools.
Finn runs down the stairs and Elena and Matt pop out of a door at the bottom. Elena shoots Finn with a crossbow to pin him and Matt stakes him. Sage rushes to him and cries as he dies. He turns to shriveled ash and bursts into flames. Matt, Elena and Stefan all get away.
Back at Klaus's the blood is still separate and Klaus is alive.
Klaus escorts Bonnie out and she sees Damon hanging in the living room. Klaus taunts her to save the man who turned her mother into a vampire.
Elena and Stefan meet Caroline at the Salvatores. She sent Alaric home with herb juice. Bonnie calls Elena and tells her Klaus has Damon. She tells them about her unlinking spell. She's upset and hangs up, breaking down sobbing.
Stefan tries to storm out to deal with Klaus, and Elena fails to talk him into staying. But he's only out the door for a second when he comes flying back in. Sage is there for retribution, with her helper Troy. She tries to beat up Stefan, but starts bleeding from her nose and getting sick. She collapses on the floor and Troy starts convulsing, too. And then, like that, they're dead.
Elena and Caroline try to figure out what happened. Stefan suggests it's the bloodline. Finn turned Sage, Sage turned Troy and they're all dead. They realize if you kill an Original, their entire bloodline dies, too. So all vampires could be wiped out.
Back in the torture chamber, Damon sees Stefan and his bag of stakes walk in. He's really there. Stefan calls for Klaus, who joins them with Rebekah. He explains he has eight stakes from Wickery bridge and Finn is already dead. He offers to trade them for Damon.
Klaus asks how he knows there aren't more , then goes to Damon and compels him to leave. Damon can't resist. He tries to rip his wrists out of the traps.
Caroline returns to the Salvatore mansion after disposing of Sage and Troy. They still have three stakes, if they can figure out which Originals to kill.
Caroline was turned by Damon and Damon and Stefan were turned by Katherine and she was turned by Rose. They don't know who turned Rose, but hope it isn't Klaus.
Caroline realizes Klaus turned one of them -- Tyler.
Klaus compels Damon to stop ripping his wrists out then asks how many more stakes there are. Damon says there are 11 left.
Klaus rails against Stefan, telling him he's given him purpose as someone to rail against. Stefan has enough of it and charges Klaus with a stake. But Klaus points out it could kill them both.
Rebekah releases Damon, telling the boys to bring them the stakes and they'll let them live. If not, it's the whole wipe out everyone you love scenario.
Rebekah mourns for Finn, but Klaus is glad he's gone, calling him an embarrassment. Rebekah is appalled and tells Klaus that at least the Salvatores value family. Klaus plans to leave with the stakes and take Elena to create a new family of hybrids.
Klaus tells Rebekah she's as pathetic as Finn if she chooses to stay.
Back home, Stefan waits for Damon to retrieve Alaric's stake.
Stefan tells Elena he's wasted too much time hating Klaus, they lost. Elena says Stefan beat him by being better than him. Hating Klaus allowed him to ignore everything that was happing around him, he says. Elena tells him she never stopped loving him. Stefan says it's all his fault.
She asks what and he says the fact she loves Damon.
He asks her to admit it, but she says she doesn't know what she feels.
Damon visits Alaric, asking for the stake. Alaric looks for it. He freaks out, realizing it's not where he put it. Then he realizes he's the only one who knew where it was.
"No. Are you telling me that your vampire-hating alter ego has a stake that could kill an entire line of vampires, possibly mine"
"That's exactly what I'm telling you," Alaric says.