Blood (1994/ENG)
PC | 1994 | english | Developer: Monolith Productions | Publisher: GT Interactive | 1.49GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

The game Blood set in a dark world (alternate history), similar to the U.S. in the early XX century (in the sequel, Blood II: The Chosen. Specifies the 1928). The main character named Caleb falls in love with Ophelia. From her he learns of the fledgling religious cult Cabal (Cabal), in which he enters with Ophelia later. Caleb, Ophelia and two other cult worshiper, Gabriella, and Ishmael, and elected to become the cult (The Chosen).
However, after some time the dark divinity Chernobog who worships the cult, accused of treason and elected instructs his henchmen to kill them. But 20 years after his death, Caleb was resurrected in the form of a walking dead man. For twenty years the cult of Kabal was much stronger, its adherents razzoryali city, ruthlessly destroying other people, and the ruins of a cult called to fill the undead, demons and other hostile creatures. In order to take revenge, Caleb finds and kills minions Chernobog, who were instructed to kill the elite. After killing a stone gargoyle, Caleb cremate the body of Ophelia, attached to the altar. However, killing Shayoly (a giant spider, the sidekick Chernobog) and Gabriella discover a body in a cocoon of a spider, Caleb decides to drink her blood to pick up by the fallen favorite. When she reached the quarters Chernobog, Caleb once again resurrected minions and kills himself Chernobog. Death Chernobog not lead to the disintegration of the cult, but ostanvalivaet spread its influence.
Each of the additions includes a full episode with its own story. In the Plasma Pak Caleb learns that the cult of the new trains to replace the elected traitors and sent to the search. After a while, Caleb discovers newly elected and kills them. In Cryptic Passage Caleb looks ancient scroll, to use it for their own purposes.

System requirements:
Pentium 75 MHz,
16 MB of RAM
80 MB of free disk space
graphics adapter VGA (256 colors)
DOS 6.2 [2]