Founder SuperLine 4.60 Portable

Founder SuperLine 4.60 Portable | 438 Mb
Founder Superline Anti-Counterfeit Design System is digital design software for security against counterfeit and forgery of almost any printed items.

Founder Superline's target clients are organizations that design documents that are vulnerable to counterfeit, such as banknotes, packaging, passports, certificates, licenses, lottery tickets, contracts, trademarks, etc..

Key Features:
This function is especially for graphic design in packaging industry and for imaging in metal craftwork.
An ornamental pattern formed of two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design with effective anti-counterfeiting and pleasing aesthetic effect.
Generated by very small letters instead of lines, e.g. replacing a line segment with a line of letters which are smaller than 0.2mm.
Tiny dots generated by Rasterization will effectively disturb the raster process of the copier, which prevents unapproved duplication.
If you overlay a film with special screening on the texture, and view from a certain angle, you will see a different pattern on the texture.
By using lines of varying width, image can be transformed into a simulated engraving.
Lace is generated by repeating one or more elements, often used in ornamental frames.
By using lines in different directions, characters or images can be hidden in other background images.
Flat texture made of lines can be easily changed into image in three dimensions. Lock-opening is one of the applications of this effect.
Bar code

Superior performance: high end solution
Various security elements have been enhanced
Robust design and layout functions
Ease-to-use GUI similar to popular page layout applications
Modularized SDK available for OEM

Cost Effective
Pleasing Aesthetic Effect
Strong Security Features
- All the elements are not screen dots but solid lines. If being scanned,
- they will become dots
- Variable line width and split line effectively prevent line work from being scanned
- Result can be distinguished by naked eye
Patterns cannot be replicated even by the same SuperLine software without original file

Stochastic parameter is used to prevent forgeryew Functions:

(1) Graphics
� Magic Kaleidoscope
Generate guilloche by rotation using cycloid theory.
� Wave Generator
30 embedded waves help create various guilloches and textures.
You can edit the embedded waves to create new unique ones.
� Texture Generator
Generate texture using one or several basic elements automatically.
� Random Texture
Generate random texture effect in one step.
� Text Layout
Text flow and formatting control.
� Output Pattern
Output the background pattern designed in SuperLine to Founder DocuDefend application.

(2) Images
� Multiple Rasterize
Rasterize the image using multiple graphic screens.
� 3D Relief
Create 3D relief effects on images with any graphic background.

(3) Powerful Operation
� Effect Preview
You can preview the effect on the page before generation with these functions: Fill Line, Fill Interlaced Line, Relief on Line, Relief on Image, Engraving on Image, Multiple Rasterize, Auto Lace, Multicopy, Array in Matrix and Add Contour.
� Precious Preview
You can view the page in previous mode which is more accurate.
� Parameter Check
You can check the parameter settings for: Fill Line, Fill Interlaced Line, Relief on Line, Relief on Curve, Relief on Image, Engraving on Image, Multiple Rasterize, Add Contour and Guilloche Generator.
� Color edit same objects in one step.
� Convert color page to B&W.

Function Improvements:
� Improved system compatibility by using new SenseLock dongle.
� Improved stability.
� Improved refresh effect.
� Support more image output formats: BMP, TIF, JPG, PCX, TGA, PNG.
� Blend can be made by either space or step setting.
� Improved array text along curve by: Add font setting, add font preview and no overlap on intersection.
� Unit selectable Text input.
� Improved pen tool: curves can be finished with a mouse double click.
� Improved fractal generator, the generated fractal can inherit the base property. For example, the nodes of the fractal generated on a polygon base can be modified symmetrically.
� Improved engraving on image: lines in 0% gray area auto delete.
� Improved spot color management: spot color can be renamed, deleted or edited.
� Auto lace can keep the fill effect in the corners.