Discrete Drums Heavy Mental Drums v1 SCD ACD
Language: English
Team: BX8 | ISO | 547 MB

Heavy Mental 1 features the playing of studio drummer Tony Morra and the massive acoustics of the Big Boy Room at The Sound Kitchen. Drummer Tony Morra puts his heart and soul into this collection. It must be experienced to be believed!
"Each multitrack loop is split into tracks that can be mixed at will. You get mono Kick, Snare, and Hat tracks, and stereo Toms, Overheads, Room Big Room, and "Gak" tracks. Besides verses, choruses, fills, bridges intros, and endings, each song has Punctuation Mark loops, which consist of bass-drum and cymbal accents. Some songs have Crash and Burn endings in which Morra fills wildly. All have Bash tracks, in which he keeps time but hits cymbals on all the downbeats. Including drum solos in a loop library was a novel idea. You get three solos: two that are less than 30 seconds long, and a third lasts for more than two minutes. Morra blazes through them...the solos have lots of cool parts that could be cut up and used for fills or in other short sections." From EM's Discrete Drums Heavy Mental Drums Review

Heavy Mental Pro Set Contains

14 CDs filled with 24 bit WAV files plus 2 audio CDs for easy auditioning

13 drum tracks - kick, snare, hat, stereo toms, stereo overheads, stereo close room, stereo big room and stereo "gak"

The library includes 16 projects, each with an average of 72 song segments ranging from simple rock to flailing double kick madness, 3 drum solos miscellaneous bits, 1151 song segments - Almost 9 GB!


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