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Chủ đề: Rough Workout 4

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    Mặc định Rough Workout 4

    Year: 2008
    Country: USA
    Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex,
    Muscle Men, Freshmen (Young Men), Daddies Men,
    Amateur, Hunks, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Latin Men,
    Facial Cumshots, Outdoor, Tattoos
    Duration: 1:42:18
    Directed by: Paulle Franco
    Studio: Magnus
    Starring: Park Wiley, Steven Richards,
    Billy Long, Mitch Brawn, Black Hawk, Ryan Starr, Christian, Tom Colt
    Description: The gym can be a rough place with lots of hard lifting and conditioning. It doesn't make it any easier when the hot stud next to you seems to be getting off while you cringe and strain to lift those weights. But you know you get all that testosterone in one place, something horny is bound to happen ...

    File size:1.1 GB
    Download premium filesmonster:

    [Magnus] Rough Workout 4
    Lần sửa cuối bởi videomin; 01-04-2012 lúc 03:18 PM

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