1000 Iphone Apps IPA FORMAT | 5.14GB


How to install those custom applications:

1. Install OpenSSH through Cydia...

************************************************** *****************************
I'd also install the 'SSH toggler button' avaiable in the Cydia packaging.
SSH remains on by default even after you are done using it. SSH can drain
a lot of battery, so you want to disable it when you are finished!!!
************************************************** *****************************

2. Enable WIFI on your iPhone, log into your network, and write down its IP address
3. Open CUTE FTP.... and set it up as SFTP on SSH2
4. Put in your iPhone's IP address
5. Put in your iPhone's credentials - username: root password: alpine
6. Create a folder called Documents in /var/mobile/ and set permission to 777
7. Create a folder called Documents in the /Applications folder and set permissions to 777.
This will fix the Disk Full error message seen when launching certain games
Note: You will only need to create these two Documents folders once

11. Place the patched file into the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework folder and set the permissions 775 for the patched MobileInstallation file
12. Reboot your iPhone
13. Download at least one App from Apple App Store and sync it (Free or Paid)
IMPORTANT: Otherwise you will get an error! [Only need to do this once]

14. Now you can download cracked .ipa Games and Apps
15. Double click on the cracked .ipa you downloaded for it to show up in the iTunes applications
16. Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy

IMPORTANT: Remember to turn off SSH when done [stays on by default and drains battery]

Few FAQs.
Question 1.
my iphone is jailbrake and i still can not install the aplication. can u please tell why.
you need to go to cydia and search for the mobileinstallation patch for 2.0, 2.1, 2.2. If it's not there than you need to google for a source or even use youtube.
Just to point out, the MobileInstallation patch can be applied from within Cydia now, just as easily as you'd install any other software (just with the added step of getting somthing legitimately from the App Store to "warm it up"). But yes, unless your device is jailbroken, it's not getting any of the apps in this thread.
Hey, I'm getting the error when I try to put the application into iTunes.
just follow the instruction.
it will work!
What is "CUTE FTP"? Is that a separate program I have to download?
To Mac users, I would suggest downloading Cyberduck instead of CUTE FTP. It works a ton better. :)
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