Sogyal Rinpoche - What Meditation Really Is

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More and more people are discovering the benefits of meditation. This ancient method has come to be seen as a powerful support for modern life something that can be practiced anywhere by anyone of any age or background.
There is growing scientific evidence that meditation has a positive effect on our health and wellbeing and meditation techniques are routinely used in the treatment of stress depression and a wide range of medical conditions.

What Meditation Really Is has been developed by the world renowned meditation teacher Sogyal Rinpoche after many years of teaching in the West and with the support of some of his most experienced students.
This unique program is based on the wisdom of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition making the benefits of meditation available to everybody.
1 Contentment
2 A Way of Being
3 Experiencing the Natural Mind
4 Essential Instruction on Posture
5 The Essence of the Buddhas Teachings
6 Mind
7 The Appearance and Essence of Mind
8 The True Purpose of Meditation
9 The Direct Approach
10 An Overview of Meditation
11 The Gradual Approach Watching the Breath
The Three Noble Principles:
12 Good in the Beginning
13 Good in the Middle
14 Good in the End
15 The Three Key Principles of Shamatha:
16 Remaining
17 Mindfulness
18 Awareness
19 Conclusion
20 Applying the Three Principles of Shamatha to Action
The Unifying Practice:
21 Introduction
22 Looking at an Image
23 Reciting a Mantra
24 Watching the Breath
25 The Benefits of Meditation
26 Shamatha with and without Support Part 1
27 Shamatha with and without Support Part 2
28 Shamatha without Support
29 Integration Remain in the Space of Mindfulness and Awareness
30 Scientific Research and Spiritual Practice
31 Practicing Informally


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