Year: 1999
Country: USA
Genre: Anal: Big Cock: Group Sex: duos: blow: father-son: two members: the last times: trio orgy
Duration: 1:44:05
Directed by: CHI CHI LARUE
Starring: Axel Garret, Lane Fuller, Tanner Hayes, Dean Phoenix, Chad Savage, Javier Duran, Haus Weston, Patrick Allen, Nino Bacci, Jason Branch, Clint Cooper, Bruce Hill, Lucas James, Dulan Reece, Christopher Scott, Spike, Frank Taylor. Introducing: Kenny, Danny Lee, Marco Mancini.
Description: All Worlds brings back the legendary Axel Garret after a seven year absence in this authentic and steamy period epic of the Wild West!
Everything from a four horse drawn stagecoach to a bar room brawl! Director Chi Chi LaRue and Producer Dirk Yates pull out all the stops on one of the year's biggest productions. Joining Axel are some of the biggest and hottest stars in the business today.

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How The West Was Hung [All Worlds] (Dirk Yates)