Propellerheads Reason 5 (REUP 03/2012)

Propellerheads Reason 5 | 7.79 GB

is a virtual rack Rack with instruments and effects, which has long been a kind of "magic wand" for all musicians. With an intuitive interface, comprehensive set of tools and effects, as well as a rich sound palette. Reason - the software that inspires and helps to write music. In version 5 were added powerful Kong Drum Designer, multi-Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player, live sampling, a new method of sequencing, which was built on the Blocks mode, and much, much more. Raise the creation of his musical creations to a whole new level!

During work you self komplektuete rack. If desired, can simply "flip" the rack and connect audio cables as you want and how you want. Reason In all, as in this studio, only faster and more reliable.
Find "your" sound is very important when working with music. Extensive Sound Bank Reason would be great help in this difficult, but such a responsible matter. Gigabytes of synth patches, multisemplovyh instruments, drum kits and effects - you will find that so long sought. Want more? Then tons of paid and completely free refilov waiting for you!
What really becomes a real surprise for new users of Reason - is the ability to carry a huge amount of work in a short period of time and, of course, with what incomparable pleasure from work. Reason Legendary working interface allows you to fully concentrate on music. Reason - a fully integrated environment - less dialog, more music!
Each element in Reason can be adjusted. All the sliders, buttons and knobs are located on the front, right in front of you. All functions are located on the front panel, such as filter settings, pitch, pan, you can record and automate a sequencer Reason.
One-touch "perevertite" rack and you will see the holy of holies Reason - patch cord. Most audio connections are automatically created. When creating a new device, it is immediately displayed under the device currently selected, and immediately incorporated into the workflow. Reconnect the patch cord to another connector and create new and original sounds, or modify existing presets.