Dance Music Production Fundamental 3 Harmony TUTORiAL

Dance Music Production Fundamental 3 Harmony TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS | 739 MB
Fundamental 3 continues our series of tutorials dedicated to the fundamental production techniques that all producers should be fully versed in.

Fundamental 3 continues to discuss the theory and practice that form an integral part of any dance musicians production skills - this time the DVD concentrates on harmony - specifically the composition and construction of chords structures progressions pads and strings.
Over 3 hours of video tutorials focus on the theory and practice behind the composition programming production and engineering of harmony and pads/strings for dance records. We begin with an in-depth discussion on the music theory for chords introducing the viewer to the theory behind how both chords and structures are composed. The sessions then move on to cover the principles behind chord composition structure chord progressions programming synthesis editing and processing of pads and strings in order to add harmony to dance records.