Windows 7 Ultimate-Firekeeper SP1 ISO-DVD with USB Key (X64)

This kitt of Windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1 is activated, unattended installation except the partition step
No serial needed, no user creation, no netwk location no UAC
It's ment to be a clean install NOT an upgrade repair so DO NOT run setup.exe on a allready installed win! you'll get only an invalid sn err...Just boot-fmat-install
Includes office 2010 std - see below how to activate office

Also includes a list of postinstall software and registry tweaks as listed below:
Postinstall software:
7zip x64
Daemon Tools 4402-0131
WinRAR 4 x64
Acrobat Reader 10.0.1
Defrag 14.1 Pro x64
Firefox 4
Google Chrome 11
Java(TM) 6 Update 25
Nero Burning ROM 10 lite
Microsoft Security Essentials
Office 2010 Standard + KMS.activat
Flash Player
Yahoo Messenger 10
Classic Shell Toolbar+Menu
AIMP2+AIMP tools
AIDA64 Extreme Edition
Total Commander
Teamviewer6 ptable edition
The KMPlayer
Sidebar Gagets
Few wallpapers
Registry Tweaks:
Show Windows classic folders (File | Edit | View | Tools | Help)
Fce Expler to Display Crect Filename Capitalization
Remove ' - Shtcut' Suffix from shtcuts
Add "Device Manager" to the right click menu of "Computer"
Add "Services" to the right click menu of "Computer"
Disable file association web-service - Bypassing "Browse web f program" to open unknown extension-Open With..." becomes default
Add "Command Prompt" when you shift+right click on a folder
Add Notepad as a Right Click Item
Disable Tracking of Broken Shtcut Links
Search All File Types
Make the Windows registration with Microsoft unnecessary
Show the real CD-recding speed in Nero (example: 21.6x writing speed)
Allows installing PlexTools Upgrade as full version
Disable the Windows Mail splash screen
Disable automatic updates f Windows Media Player
Do not show 'Default Programs' on Start Menu
Show "Administrative Tools" on the Start Menu
Typing Long File Names In DOS
Right-click any drive to close the tray of the optical drive
Remove new BMP file
Adds an option in the right-click menu to open any folder on your computer in a new window
Disable the NTFS Last Access Time Stamp (speeds up viewing folders in ntfs)
Optimize Ce System Perfmance
All items have an "edit.." on right-click sending to notepad
Add register / unregister to the context menu f .ocx files
Add register / unregister to the context menu f .dll files
Opens 16-bit apps in a separate memy space
Notepad saves window position
Makes a right click option f unknown files (Open with notepad)
Enable Wdwrap in Notepad
Enable Status bar in Notepad
Enable Status Bar in all windows
Enable search system folders in Search
Kill hung services after 5 seconds
Open HTA files (used f WPI) with MSHTA.EXE
Speed up shell response
Disable 'Windows Defender' startup
Stops the 'Welcome Center' loading (f current user) when Windows starts
Set mouse pointer speed to maximum
Add Expand> and MakeCAB> context menu to system files
Add Remove Programs to computer context menu
Taskmgr- computer context menu
Remote Desktop Connection- computer context menu
Control Panel- computer context menu
CMD- computer context menu
Show Computer and Netwk on desktop
Set custom logonui background
Disable UAC

How to create usb stick with win7 bootable:
this will wk only on vista 7 enviroment NOT in XP!
you'll need a 4-8gb fast usb stick - insert it (all infmation on the usbkey will be lost)
in cmd type:
01. diskpart
02. list disk
03. select disk 3,7 whatever (usb stick!!!!! not your hdd!!!)
04. clean
05. create partition primary
06. select partition 1
07. active
08. fmat fs=fat32
09. assign
10. exit
Now to copy Windows Seven's DVD content to the Flash Drive
Simply type in CMD the following command to start copying all the content from the Windows Vista/7 DVD to your newly fmatted high speed flash drive.
xcopy /s/e/f F:\*.* H:\
where F is your dvdrom daemontools virtual dvdrom and H is the letter your usb stick
(F and H are just f example - your letters might be different so pay attantion!)
Note x64 boot is diffrent than x86 32bit boot so you really need to make all these steps if
you use the same usb key where you have x86 win.
boot up install enjoy
use ultraiso to put iso image to usbkey - also wks with win 2k, xp
How to activate office:
On C: drive I put a hidden folder called IT - i'll explain below it's purpose
So after install win and all the drivers do not update windows yet, go to C:\IT
Because IT folder is hidden you may type in a expler window in addresbar C:\IT and hit enter...
There you have OTK2010V216.rar and IORRT 3.5.cmd
Option 1: Unrar and use EZactivat to have activated office with 180 days till next activation
Option 2: Use IORRT to have unactivated office with 30 days reset counter on every restart fever

Download Windows 7: