Dance Music Production Dance Floor TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS

Dance Music Production Dance Floor TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS | 1.42 GB
Dance Floor a re-issue of the discontinued initial release from Dance Music Production.
Re-written restructured and re-released this course focuses on the methods and production techniques behind writing engineering and producing a professional white label/funky house record for club play.

This 4-hour video course walks you through the construction and production sequence for creating a funky house record in the style of Daft Punk. Beginning with a blank sequencer and moving through to the final production the recording software was left running throughout the entire production. This was later edited down to the most important points filling just over four hours for this tutorial.
Split into sessions this tutorial discusses and shows many of the construction and production ethics used by today's professional dance artists to create 'sampled' funky house. These sessions include what you need to listen for in samples the inspiration building ideas sampling manipulation pitching frequency tuning and editing introducing vocals building a dance groove the use of processing effects how to arrange and a quick look at the mixing.