Talk Now Chinese Mandarin (The level for Beginners)

Talk Now Chinese Mandarin | ISO | 692Mb

The program is designed for all who need to master the basics of the language as quickly as possible without systematic training. You will notice the progress after a few hits on the drive and see how exciting can be learning the language. The course includes a basic set of words and phrases stable, occurring in everyday situations. The material is divided into themes: knowledge, shopping, transportation, food, numbers, colors, time, country, etc. The words and expressions of the course announced by native speakers. Record your voice and comparing it with the standard, you will get an opportunity to improve pronunciation.
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The program includes an illustrated dictionary of active vocabulary, which can be printed.
System requirements: O
perating system Microsoft � Windows � 98/Me/2000/XP/7 Pentium � processor
100 MHz 32 MB RAM 4-speed
device for CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Screen resolution of 800x600 c
8-bit color depth Sound device Microphone (recommended) Additional

Information: To "use" of the program should be cut or drive (for example in the program Nero), or mount the image (for example through the program Alcohol 120).