Dance Music Production Fundamental 4 Melody TUTORiAL

Dance Music Production Fundamental 4 Melody TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS | 720 MB
Fundamental 4 continues our series of tutorials dedicated to the fundamental production techniques that all producers should be fully versed in.

This time the course concentrates on composing and engineering melodies for dance records...
To many artists melody is perhaps one of the most difficult parts to arrange and this DVD aims to demystify the process. Beginning with an in-depth discussion on the music theory behind melodies the course examines how they are conceived and composed including a detailed look at the circle of fifths alongside techniques such as balance counterbalance contour energy drive dynamics and motifs. The sessions then move on to examine some of the techniques you can use to create your own melodies alongside a look at synthesis and processing for leads in dance records.