Microsoft Office 2010 Activated Full

Download files and extract.

Burn to ISO install with AUTOPLAY (important).

You can use Power ISO or Magic ISO to burn.

2) Insert the MO2010 Pro x64 disk into your DVD player

3) Select what you would like to install.
Then Continue

4) Accept Agreement, then continue.
Then "Install"

5) Once Installed, close Office

6) Open the folder "ToolKit"

7) Open the Toolkit
This will show what version of Windows you are running, in thsi case I am running x64.

8) Click on "EZ Activator"

9) Once activated, click on "Activation/Check

10) Close all and open any Office 2010 app
"Don't Make Changes"
go to file/help

You can place the disk back in the drive and load
Visio or any other app the applies to your needs.

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