VMware Workstation 8 Build 646643 Technology Preview | 467 MB

VMware Workstation-known program for virtualization. VMware Workstation is a powerful solution for software developers and system administrators who are creating and testing a full-class integrated network applications servers, operating in different environments. The unique technology of VMware MultipleWorlds isolates operating systems and applications within virtual machines, and the disposal of each virtual machine is a standard PC x86, with its own processor and memory.
With VMware Workstation you can install different operating systems and applications for them, go online and do everyday tasks. The benefit of this method is tested various software under various operating systems, without causing harm to the current system, installed on my main computer, as well as some test hardware solutions. Could life greatly facilitate cross-platform applications and lovers to work with the new OS.

New in VMware Workstation Build 8 646 643 Technology Preview:
• Run Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the Windows Server 8 Beta as a guest and host
• Run Ubuntu 12.04 Beta as host and guest and test the new OpenGL driver
• Test the updated virtual graphics hardware with a wide range of applications
• Try new features: Tabs in Windows full screen, download from vSphere on Linux

Improvement in a virtualized hardware:
• Changed the technology of image output, allowing improved Unity - the system forwarding the windows of the guest. These changes will also allow you to connect additional displays without rebooting the virtual machine.
• Virtual machines now support up to 64 GB of memory. The host machine at the same time must be over 64 GB of memory.
• Device emulation HD Audio is available for guest operating systems Windows Vista/7/2008/2008 R2. HD Audio compatible codec RealTek ALC888 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio.
• Support for USB 3.0 is available for Linux guest operating systems with kernel version 2.6.35 above, a new virtual xHCI USB controller. To enable this feature you must add the. Vmx file line usb_xhci.present = "true". Support for Windows guest systems is not implemented, because in Windows there is no standard xHCI USB driver.
• You can share access to Bluetooth devices in the guest systems Windows. While we can not forwarding an audio device and input devices.
Added ability to enable or Virtual VT-X/EPT AMD-V/RVI, which will run 64-bit guest systems within vSphere, launched in VMware Workstation.

New user interface:
• Side panel is replaced by elected library of virtual machines.
• A new page will allow information to better manage a group of guests. Added preview feature that allows you to see what is happening currently in the virtual machine.
• Full-screen panel has been updated, increasing the number of actions performed without exiting full screen mode. Therefore no longer necessary in the mode of Quick Switch.

What happened to the Teams?!
• Now mode "command» (team) can be applied to any virtual machine.
• The structure of the team was transformed into catalog mode with virtual machines.
• To configure the network adapter was added to a new dialog with advanced settings that allow to adjust the speed of incoming / outgoing traffic, and include a simulation of packet loss.
• It is possible to control the nutritional status of multiple virtual machines by selecting them in the directory and clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar.
• You can set the interval between runs virtual machines.
• To implement the LAN segments except the use of traditional VMnets virtual machines can be placed in the general VMnet.

The general use of virtual machines:
Now you can share virtual machines with remote users. Advanced interface allows you to set permissions to control access to virtual machines.

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