Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3 | 444 MB

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (Microsoft RDS, MRDS) - Windows-oriented environment for robot control and simulation. This product is intended for academic, recreational, or commercial development, and supports a wide variety of robot hardware. RDS is based on the library CCR (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime),. NET-library implementation for the parallel and asynchronous data streams, using instant messaging, and DSS (Decentralized Software Services) - a lightweight tool for distributed applications based on services, which provides management set of services t-- correct the behavior in general.
Among the features: a tool for visual programming, programming language Microsoft Visual Programming Language for the creation and debugging of software applications for robots, web-based and windows-oriented interfaces, simulation of 3D (including hardware acceleration), easy access t-- robot sensors and actuators, as well as support several languages, including C #, Visual Basic. NET, JScript and IronPython.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studi-- supports modularity t-- add new services in the kit. Among them are currently available Soccer Simulation (soccer simulation) and Sum-- Competition (Competition Sumo) from Microsoft, and developed community Maze Simulator (Simulator labyrinth) - program t-- create worlds and walls that can be investigated with the aid of virtual robot.
Along with the release of this version of the Robotics Developer Studi-- was free.
Extras. Information: Tools t-- develop MRDS-applications that include graphical environment (Microsoft Visual Programming Language: VPL); command-line utilities that allow interaction with the project Visual Studi-- (version VS Express is enough) in the languages ??C #, C + + or VB.NET ; supported scripting languages, such as, IronPython; simulation tools and 3D.
* Visual Programming Language - a graphical development environment that uses directory services and activities.
-- They may be linked graphically: the service or activity represented in the form of a block, which has input and output, and only need t-- drag and drop from a directory on diagram.
-- Linking can be done with the mouse, it allows you t-- determine whether the signals are synchronous or not, allows you t-- perform operations associated with the transmission of values, etc.
-- VPL als-- allows you t-- generate new code of "macro" services on the basis of diagrams created by users.
-- The VPL can be a simple setup services for various hardware components.
* Wednesday MRDS simulation of 3D allows you t-- simulate the behavior of the robot in the virtual world, using technology, NVIDIA PhysX (3D-engine which was originally written by Ageia), which allows the use of advanced physical model.
* Lots of examples and tutorials that are available for a variety of tools that accelerate the understanding and assimilation of MRDS. The package adds several applications, including, for example, mentioned above, or Maze Simulator Soccer Simulation, developed by Microsoft.
* Als-- in the standard academic journals, and there are three small MRDS simulation environment, which are restricted versions of the larger generalized simulation environments developed by SimplySim
Room (als-- available in the Express edition)
-- The open area
-- City

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