Year: 2001
Country: USA
Genre: hidden camera, Fetis, Voyeur
Duration: 00:57:25
Studio: Angry Young Man
Starring: U.S. Marines
Description: Sixteen heavily tattooed young Marines from the flightline meet up for a quick after-hours workout, then strip naked and hit the steam room. Shot before and after they steal some beer and dive into the pool for some "naked elimination dodgeball" (see tape # 15,) they are completely unaware of the camera as they casually march naked around the athletic complex, dicks a-swingin '. Urinal and weigh-in footage included. As a result of an apparent hazing ritual of some sort, at least half of these Marines are sporting recent penis-piercings. One Marine asks his naked buddy how his piercing is healing and the other guy thoughtfully holds his penis up to show him ... One stocky blond guy even borrows all the combination locks in the locker room, then suspends then from the ring in his penis to amaze and astound his friends. Nothing like a semi-circle of heterosexual Marines openly admiring the healthy, well-developed genitals of one of their buddies. Don't miss the youngest Marine - he's got the BIGGEST DICK in the group - a whopper you can write home about. Everybody in the room tries to ignore the heavy appendage on this little guy, but his hefty, swingin 'penis will hypnotize you from the word go. Also included: more of that strange tanning-bed video shot in the Navy exchange. More secretly videotaped military boners - one young guy uses two fingers to coax some spooge out of his pole.

File size: 427 MB
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[Angry Young Man]-Frank & Beans