Led Samples - EDM Vocal Construction Kits Vol 1 (WAV/MIDI)

Led Samples - EDM Vocal Construction Kits Vol 1 (WAV/MIDI) | 774MB

A complete set of four construction kits that include everything you need to create your next Vocal masterpiece.

L.E.D. Samples presents "EDM Vocal Construction Kits Volume 1"

Out of the box the kits give you the opportunity to recreate the original demo songs, or create entirely new arrangements and original tracks in minutes!

Featuring the lush vocals of Danny Claire each kit contains unique & original vocals lines & lyrics accompanied with drum loops, samples, sound loops, fx, basslines, pads & melodies along with their respective midi files to edit, rearrange or to use with your preferred synths.

Get "EDM Vocal Construction Kits Volume 1" and create your next big vocal hit now!

Suitable for Dance, EDM , Electro, House, LED-Samples, MIDI, Trance, Vocals, WAV etc.

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Label: LED Samples
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