3DS Rom 0131 Thor God of Thunder USA 3DS | 1.47 GB

Rom Info:
Number: 0131
Name: Thor - God of Thunder
Region: USA
Languages: English
Size: 2,147,483,648 bytes / 2048 Megabytes
CRC32: 35FED897
Game Description:
Never before has a human had the chance to wield the hammer of the
mighty Thor! Play as one of the most powerful heroes ever created
as you become the Nordic God of Thunder for the first time in a
video game. Harness the power of the elements in a 3D stand-alone
storyline ripped from the pages of Marvel Comics. Battle the
massive enemies of Asgard in an epic saga that sends you to vanquish
Frost Giants, Trolls, and other mammoth beasts on their own turf.
You'll do so using one of the truly iconic weapons from the world of
comics, Thor's mystical hammer Mjolnir.

This is a Scene Release. Extract the .rar file to get the 3DS Rom.

Since 3DS games are region locked, I recommend to only download this if you have a USA region 3DS.
If a flashcart is released and it cannot bypass the region lock, you will only be able to
play roms that came from the same region as your 3DS console like original game carts.

To check the region of your 3DS console, go into the System Settings.
In the bottom right corner you should see your 3DS firmware version and a letter.
The letter is the region of your 3DS Console: E = Europe / U = USA / J = Japan.

This rom is NOT PLAYABLE in ANY flashcart at the time of uploading.
In the future a 3DS-mode flashcart may be released which will allow these roms to be played.
(Current flashcarts are NDS-Mode and only run NDS games. A 3DS-Mode flashcart is needed to play 3DS games.)