Year: 2003

Genre: BDSM, Anal, Oral, Dildo, Toys, Torture, Rape, Fetish, Bondage, Dad + Son, Latino

Duration: 1:16:08

Directed by: Phil Powers

Studio: Torsion Video Productions

Starring: Angel, Phil Powers


In this hot BDSM DVD, a cute young Latino stud named Angel takes all the punishment his Master Paul can dish out,

and he loves it.

When the first scene opens, Angel is naked, his cock and balls held captive by a chain suspended from above, his

hands and feet bound with rope. Angel awaits a visit from his master - and as he does, you can almost imagine what

he's anticipating.

Angel has a very cute, tanned body, and a nicely thick uncut cock that stays at least half-hard (and usually, fully

erect) throughout his abuse by Master Phil. From the first application of clamps to Angel's ripe nipples to the

binding of his wrists to his ankles, to the dripping hot wax that settles and coagulates on his back and ass, Angel

takes it all and still wants more (and he makes great moans and groans while he's doing it). It's a scene that

should make any master sit up and take notice.

As for Master Phil, well, he knows a thing or two about toys - this dude has a lot stock and he knows just how to

apply them for the maximum level of torturous enjoyment. The camera, though, always (and rightly so) focuses on

Angel, as he reacts to all of the training supplied by Master Phil.

The most interesting piece of equipment in Master Phil's dungeon is the chair - which keeps Angels hands tied behind

him, and his feet trussed to the legs while totally allowing Master Phil access to his nipples (which he works from

behind, and which almost sends Angel into orbit) and front (which allows the master to stick a butt plug into

Angel's ready ass while stroking Angel's cock to full erection). Watching Master Phil stroke Angel off made me

jealous - this guy is an artist at pleasuring the male organ. He had Angel alternately squirming, panting and

moaning like a dog in heat by the time he allows the studpup to shoot his load.

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