Country: United States

Genre: group sex

Duration: 2:28:29

Directed by: Kristen Bjorn

Studio: Martin Cox

Starring: Eric Flouer, Alex Ribeiro, Jed Wilcox, Jean Franko, Rocky Oliveira, Jason Kingsley, Matthew Costa, Marcello Lars, Max Veneziano, Xavier Monteregro, David Salazar, Bruno Din, Gabriel Ventura, Matthias Vanelli, Carlos Caballero, Victor Cowboy Sergio Castillo.


Memo to Mr. Bjorn: Imagine, if you will, a place that would attract gay men from all over the world as visitors: Manville: The Theme Park. Like that other park (the one in Florida, which shall be nameless), the potential is tremendous.

While we await Mr. Bjorn's response, we can content ourselves with "Manville: The City of Men," another foray into Kristen Bjorn's divine, imaginary world of totally hot men who have totally hot sex in a fantastically realized parallel dimension.

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