Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise Flow EE7.9.3 + DMS7.9.3 x86 | 2.01 GB

Designing a product requires more than just a great PCB layout tool – you need tightly integrated PCB design software. Expedition Enterprise provides this high level of integration, enabling all team members to work collaboratively and more efficiently.

Advanced Technology
Meets the needs of mid-sized to large electronics companies with complex PCB designs
Eliminates the burden of managing multiple tools, with its common database and user interface
Supports globally dispersed design teams with real-time collaboration
Maintains data integrity - from concept to manufacturing
Reduces design cycle time and manufacturing costs, while increasing productivity


As an Expedition Enterprise project evolves from concept to finished product, the database is always synchronized, notifying the engineer and designer of changes as they occur, eliminating unnecessary and costly design iterations.

Expedition Enterprise is integrated with DMS™ (Data Management System) and CES (Constraint Editing System), providing a central infrastructure for component libraries, design data versioning and management, design reuse, where used, entry and management of high speed and manufacturing rules, and integration with corporate PLM systems.

Once the design is complete, integration with manufacturing output tools ensures that the integrity of the design is maintained, even when your teams are globally dispersed.

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