Next Limit RealFlow x86 + x64 + Plugins [WIN MAC]

Next Limit RealFlow [WIN | MAC] x86 + x64 + Plugins [WIN | MAC] | 1.02 GB
he new version improves workflow and improved performance of the module Hybrido. It is the creation of dripping water automatic generation of foam new emitters (Wet Waterline Splash and Foam Wet and Foam) an improved control of surface water. It also has a new tool for the destruction of the Voronoi method. And yet - a new tool Retimer who with a few mouse clicks you can add special effects such as bullet-time or slowing down. The changes were made and the interface. A new Layers palette and change the icons on the toolbar.

System Requirements:
Windows (32 and 64):
Windows XP Vista 7 or Windows Server 2008.
2 GHz Intel ? Pentium ? 4 processor Athlon AMD 64 or better.
2GB RAM Minimum. 4GB of RAM memory is recommended.
Hardware-accelerated OpenGL ? graphics Card.
400 MB available hard disk space for installation.
3 button mouse. Macintosh (32 and 64): Mac OSX 10.5 and up. Intel ? processor is Required. 2GB RAM Minimum . 4GB of RAM memory is recommended Hardware-accelerated OpenGL ? graphics Card. 1 GB available hard disk space for installation 3 button mouse. * Please Note - RealFlow 5 GUI runs in 32 bit mode.
Year / Date: 2011 Version: 2012 Build with Vista: full compatibility with Windows 7: complete Language: English Medicine: Present