Tools 4d Vray for Cinema 4d Video Training ( Full ) [Update]

Tools 4d Vray for Cinema 4d Video Training ( Full )
Language: English

This is a wonderful lesson on the use of lighting and rendering tools staging a scene in Cinema 4D popular program. Instructor in detail about the points reveals the secrets of one of the most popular 3D visualization for the - Wray in the integration of the program Cinema 4D. The first part deals with setting the example scene visualizer interior. Configuration of light sources, area lights, environment of the sun + sky + Wray fizikal camera.
The second part discusses the possibility of setting a static scene objects for visualization of individual products, brands, etc. I'd add that in his time he has spent a lot of time studying Wray at random. Lessons are recommended for both beginner and advanced, because everyone will find a lot of useful information. Wray version 1.0821 for the Cinema 10.5, but for this and for later versions. If you are of course happy to become a full owner of the latest vreya.


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