Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R2 SP2 32bit & 64bit

Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R2 SP2 32bit & 64bit | 580.7 mb & 645.8 mb

FeatureCAM, developed by Delcam, is a suite of CAD/CAM software which combines cutting edge technology with ease of use, automates machining and minimizes programming times for parts on mills, lathes and wire EDM.

Delcam's History

In 1965 Donald Welbourn, Director in Industrial Co-operation at Cambridge University, had the vision to see the possibility of using computers to assist pattern makers to solve the problems of modeling difficult 3D shapes.

Today we take for granted 3D modeling, in 1965 only crude 2D drawing systems were available using terminals linked to large main frame computers.

Initial work was sponsored by the Science Research Council but finding money to support the development was a constant problem for Donald Welbourn. In 1973 Donald persuaded his friend Lord Caldecote, then chairman of the Delta Metal Group and an ex-Cambridge engineer, to send Delta graduate engineer Ed Lambourne to work on the development of DUCT at Cambridge University Engineering Department, ultimately leading to transferal of the system into industry. In 1974 Donald also obtained sponsorship from Control Data in Europe in the form of access to their powerful time-sharing computing resources. Control Data offered DUCT initially on its time-sharing bureau service, especially to two of its largest German customers Volkswagen and Daimler Benz.....

About FeatureCAM

FeatureCAM is an easy-to-use CAM system that is so intuitive that even a novice or occassional user can quickly create reliable and consistent toolpaths. The user-friendly automation inside the software ensures training costs are minimized, increasing the return on your investment quickly. You can create toolpaths directly from solids using FeatureRECOGNITION. All your machines can be programmed within a single user interface specifically designed to achieve shorter programming times by Featurebased operations.

What's fixed in Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R2 SP2

User interface: In DFS when using PACKandGo functionality DFS displays Pand and Go
User Interface: Sequence of user actions causes stock to be shaded while hitting the 'shade all' button
GPF: 2d display of turned features toggled on and setting a Solid model as the user defined stock crashes FeatureCAM
API: need methods/properties to access the 3D chamfer data: chamfer type, depth, and tip offset
3d sim: A combination of turning and milling setups in the same file does not simulate correctly
MTT: Upper turret tool is not retracting and lower turret tool collides with it on facing operation.
toolpath locking: installing new version causes toolpaths to be unlocked.
User interface: tool tip problem for "File" menu.
API Help: help page Examples/Intermediate/setup_sheet_code.html has no title in source code. So if we search for it in the help file we get topic with title "Untitled 1"
API Help: help page Examples/Intermediate/ToolLifeCode.html has no title in source code. So if we search for it in the help file we get topic with title "Untitled 1"
API Help: help page Examples/Intermediate/probe_optimized_turn_code.html has no title in source code. So if we search for it in the help file we get topic with title "Untitled 1"
API Help: help page Examples/Intermediate/fast_feed_cylinder_code.html has no title in source code. So if we search for it in the help file we get topic with title "Untitled 1"
Installation: Please install/copy RegAsm32.exe to FeatureCamToVericut and FeatureCAMToNCSIMUL Addins folders when installing 32-bit FeatureCAM.
Machine Sim: Turret doesn't retract before transfer on single turret machines
API Help: help page: There are 2 Reference items in the Contents tab of API Help. It looks like they are identical so one of these items should be removed from Contents tab.
Install: New pafwizard installer has 32/64 bit flag. We need to update our installer to include the flag so we make sure we are installing correct version of the pafwizard with our FC installation.
2-axis milling: 4-axis indexing: Radial around index axis pattern in a milling document doesn't go to the right page if a circle is preselected.
XBuild: Reserved word is returning a forty plus digit value in program strart format.
Tool database: Tool crib export doesn't support export of depth, stepover and drill feed/speed values if export is to *.tdb format
Tool database: Desire a FeatureCAM interface to the TDM(Tool Data Management) tooling system HEADLINER:
User interface: Add Help IDs for WireEDM features
TPEDIT: Tool selection page for curves toolpath allows any tool to be selected, but shows valid feed/speed values in F/S tab for only some tool groups.
Machine sim: request a "validate md" function to check for known issues in md file
5-axis positioning: , , and return incorrect values for hole milling cycle when used in 5 axis orientation. Intsupport#48056
API: Basic IDE crashes with complex project and File SaveAll
Machine Sim: Stock not doubled in length even though there is a cutoff as part of UDF
User interface: tool orientation: left hand & right hand turning tool has same view.
Machine Sim: problems with simulation on 3-turret machine
TAP: automatic tool selection doesn't take into account hand direction of tap tool if reverse tap cycle is set for hole.
Webupdate: we should only allow customer to update to the last version their maintenance date support.
User interface: operations list is wiped out, (or partially displayed) after drag and drop reordering.
Export: Save As 32-bit .fm file crashes
User Interface: Unable to print a shaded image if "Use graphics hardware" is unchecked
64-bit: fcdatacom: turn off switchto/retry entirely.
Turn: rough pass gouges.
Tooling: feed speed: feed & speed are not maintained in "tools_from_last_save" tool cribs if tool name contains special characters.
User Interface: If stock is a solid (or STL?) , you can't "shade selected".
Solid modeling: dependency hell causes 'constructor function returned NULL' error when changing tools
Stock: Desire that the stock be shown as both "shaded & translucent".
Machine sim: requests for a few tweaks on new MDX file output