Topaz A.I. Gigapixel 4.0.2 RePack (& Portable)

Topaz A.I. Gigapixel 4.0.2 RePack (& Portable) | 803 MB

Topaz A.I. Gigapixel is the first and only application

using the power of artificial intelligence to enlarge your images, adding natural details for an amazing result.
Using deep learning technology, A.I.Gigapixel � can zoom in and fill in details that other resizing products do not count.
These traditional methods create images that are blurred, unrealistically beautiful, and do not have the details that are present in high-resolution images.

Operating System Version: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64)
Hardware Requirements: System RAM - 8GB
Graphics Card Requirements:
NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 770 2GB / AMD
Radeon: HD 8570 2GB
Intel: HD Graphics 5000
OpenGL 3.3