Loopmasters/Discovery Sound - Indonesia The Magic (Multiformat) | 677.13 MB

Jakarta, Java, Bali, New Guinea, and Sumatra
The Republic of Indonesia is located in the Malay Archipelago, the world's largest archipelago, between Indochina and Australia, and between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Under the supervision of master sound producer Makoto Kubota, this special collection captures the musical magic of Java and Bali.

The most well known Indonesian music, Gamelan is an ensemble of instruments indigenous to the islands of Bali or Java (gamelan means orchestra). An ensemble is composed of small bronze metallophones tuned to a four or five - note scale, various gongs, flutes, drums and other percussion. Thanks to Makoto, valuable Sundanese Gamelan having the strong local color is offered in ACID format on the disc. Enjoy the comfortable and powerful samples. Gamelan is supplied both as ensemble and solo on the disc.

Jegog is also a world-famous Indonesian instrument. Jegog plays very low tone, and the ensemble is more powerful than ever before. The music is very fast, loud, rhythmic and precise. On this library, the music is offered as multi-samples so that both solo and ensemble are available.

Set of drums as Tabla is called Gendang in Indonesia. This library supplies a unique Gendang remodeled by the musician. The biggest attraction is the rich sounds and the way of playing created just by his two hands. The disc offers useful rhythm patterns and single shots.

In addition, Kecak known as Indonesian voice percussion is highly dynamic, rhythmically chant. This library offers the casual version Senggak sung by fewer people than Kecak, that was taken over in Sunda Islands.

157 Gendang
106 Kendang
13 Gamelan Percussion

67 Gamelan
45 Rindik
33 Sundanese Gamelan
10 Saron
8 Barangan
8 Kancil
8 Suir
8 Celuluk
8 Undir
8 Jegog
38 Jegog Ensemble

3 Rubab (One Shot Phrase)

47 Suling Bamboo

11 Singing-Male (One Shot Phrase)
7 Singing-Female (One Shot Phrase)
1 Reading-Female (One Shot Phrase)
59 Human Voice Percussion (Loop)